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Jack L. Akers

Vice President, Strategic Alliances

As someone who has spent his entire career in the technology services industry, Jack is an integral part of our success at NTS. Like a detective, he uses his experience and knowledge to uncover and develop long-term alliances that allow us to bring the right solutions to our clients. Most recently he was responsible for our revenue growth through the development of our Alliance and Channel partnerships.

Jack’s career has taken him to some of the biggest names in corporate America. Before coming to NTS in 2008, he was the Alliance Manager at Northrop Grumman. Jack has also held positions at Dell Computer, Bell Atlantic/Decision One, and Sperry/Unisys. He graduated from James Madison University and has done course work at the College of William & Mary, Penn State University and the University of Texas.


Name of pet

Fishy Fishy

Superpower I wish I had

Fix things in the past

Ice cream flavor


iPhone or Droid


Childhood dream job

Race Car Driver