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Mark Brandon

Sr. Vice President of Business Operations

Mark’s main responsibility is to manage and continuously improve the many processes NTS uses to deliver services to our customers. He ensures that all of our processes are up-to-date and that the NTS team knows, understands and utilizes them to assist our clients. Mark is also in charge of operations for our Federal Business Division. He has deep knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulations, Department of Defense Regulations and Federal Law. This allows him to understand, interpret and assist us to respond to RFPs, as well as guiding our team of Federal Project Managers.

Prior to coming to NTS in August 2007, Mark worked for a technologies firm in northern Virginia as a Program Manager. While there, he was responsible for the daily operations of the various field maintenance contracts. His management experience includes managing and staffing a helpdesk as well as defining helpdesk processes, policies, and procedures. He was also responsible for managing and staffing daily services, including repair scheduling, material and parts stocking, training, and cost control.


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