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Sam Panicker

Vice President, Integration Services

When the team at NTS wants to know today what’s happening in technology tomorrow, they turn to Sam. With gigabytes in his blood, Sam is the go-to guy to link technology with business strategies. You can count on him to think two steps ahead to match the right system to the right client.

Before he came to NTS, Sam’s formidable 20-year career included the position of Director of Infrastructure Operations at both Massey Energy Company and Sentraliant (SIRIUS Satellite Radio). At Massey, he managed enterprise infrastructure and operations for over 30 subsidiaries. And at Sentraliant, Sam managed all operations, data centers and the company’s NOC. During his career, Sam has developed policies and procedures complying to ISO and IL standards, and designed nationwide enterprise networks integrating voice, video and data.


Favorite movies

Blade Runner
The Princess Bride
Star Trek

Name of pet


iPhone or Droid?

I live the iLife and prefer anything iOS; however, you don’t have to look hard to find a Droid attached to me, as well.

Childhood dream job

Pilot or race car driver (I love speed!)

Holidays with my family are:

Full-blown festivals incorporating my family’s Indian heritage