Proactive Access Control Cabling Based in Richmond, VA

Proactive Access Control Cabling Based in Richmond, VA

Office and commercial building security is more important than ever. Not only do you need to protect your business from physical threats, but you also have to account for digital threats. The easier it is for people to walk into your building, the easier it is for them to access your data.

While you should invest in access control technology, you’ll always run into the issue of cabling. These security systems require specific cables that must be installed correctly. If left in the wrong hands, you could waste time and money trying to fix avoidable mistakes.

When your building needs reliable access control cabling, you need NTS’s structured cabling team. Our experienced staff creates customized plans that efficiently install cables. More importantly, we proactively prepare your business for changing cabling technology through our future-proof process.

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Active Access Protection For Your Business

Access control cabling is the process of installing the necessary cables to power security measures for your building. These range from card readers and contact doors, to more advanced tech like retinal scanners.

While not every building needs face recognition hardware, every business can benefit from access control tech in their building. And you can rest easy knowing your livelihood is safe when these systems are installed by reliable professionals.

NTS’s structured cabling team specializes in crafting installation plans personalized to your building and security needs. We’re your turnkey solution for your access control cabling project with our experienced team that takes care of all the heavy lifting.

We plan the layout with you, collect the equipment, and install the cables.

We value taking away your IT security headaches through fast service, improved device performance, and our transparent process that keeps you included every step of the way.

With better security measures implemented by certified professionals, you can focus on running your successful business.

Access Control Cabling Meeting Your Security Demands 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to access control technology. Every company is different, and they all require a certain level of security. You may not need the latest in security technology to meet your demands.

Our structured cabling experts are certified to install a wide variety of access control systems. From the latest and greatest, to the old reliables, we have the knowledge and the experience to provide you with the best solution. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Card readers
  • Door contact sensors
  • Control panels
  • Electric locks

Through continued training and our passion for security, we’re always learning about new security measures. And we pass this knowledge onto you.


Customized Future-Proof Cabling Solutions

NTS is your one-stop-shop for your access control cabling.

Everything is done in-house with our reliable partners. You’ll have just one contract for the entire process. From planning, execution, installation and repair, you’ll have one team and one document to keep up with.

Our cabling services are proactive, preparing your building for the future of access control technology. We work with you to make the installation process simple for your building.

When it comes time to upgrade, your cabling and access control systems will be ready to offer improved security

NTS is first and foremost a security company. We’re passionate about safeguarding businesses from internal and external digital threats. Our decades of satisfied clients and collective experience show our commitment to your company’s data protection.

We partner with you to create a customized cabling solution. No cookie-cutter plans, no secretive contracts.

Protect Your Physical and Digital Business

NTS’s structured cabling team provides access control cabling planning, installation and maintenance for businesses looking for security solutions.


Your access control systems will be customized for your security needs, and strategically installed to allow for easy access and future upgrades.


When you need experienced structure cabling with a personal touch, call us to start protecting your business.