Flexible, Reliable IT

As-A-Service Based in Richmond, VA

Flexible, Reliable IT

As-A-Service Based in Richmond, VA

Your existing IT staff can only do so much. In-between putting out internal fires and troubleshooting tech problems, they also have to complete important ongoing IT projects. With this weight on their shoulders, it can seem impossible to get anything done.

If your current IT staff can’t respond to an immediate issue, or they’re not knowledgeable in new IT solutions you want to invest in, then you have a host of new problems. You need to hire new staff. That means precious time spent finding and training the right candidate. Not to mention revenue spent on salary and benefits.

Don’t get lost in the weeds of IT management. Partner with NTS’s As-A-Service team for ongoing expert IT services. Our comprehensive IT expertise mixed with our flexible plans make us a perfect fit for any company looking for reliable and efficient IT solutions.

We focus on your IT concerns so your staff can focus on taking care of your client’s needs.

IT As-A-Service To Meet Modern Digital Business Demands

IT As-A-Service is a product offering that has evolved to meet our modern technology demands. In the past, medium to large-scale businesses relied on an internal IT staff to ensure all of their technology was working properly. They were the team you went to for any IT troubleshooting, upgrading and installation.

As more business operations moved to digital solutions, and third-party cloud services became more popular, IT started to become a more viable product. Internal IT was stretched thin, and businesses could not fully support the large and knowledgeable teams they needed to run their vital digital operations.

Because of this shift, many IT companies exist to offer on-demand IT solutions. These businesses take care of the heavy-lifting involved in IT management. Large teams of IT experts are now available to repair, install and upgrade a company’s IT infrastructure in a variety of industries.

On-Demand IT Services Saving You Time and Money

Think of NTS IT As-A-Service like ordering from your favorite restaurant.

We provide the menu of IT solutions and execute them ourselves, all with reliable and fast service. We also fix any issues and improve your existing technology. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the workplace efficiency.

Through our services paid monthly, you’ll have access to subject matter experts 24×7 assisting you in many cutting-edge and standard IT solutions. Our monthly payment plans turn your capital expenditure into an operation expenditure. You can direct your capital back into your business while still receiving your necessary IT services.

Thanks to our dedicated team and process, our services are specific to your business. You’ll only get the best solutions designed for you.

There are plenty of benefits to partnering with NTS’s IT staff:

When paired with our internal managed services, you can guarantee that your IT environment is protected 24x7x365. While NTS keeps your business operating in the background, you can focus on keeping your business successful.

Essential As-A-Service IT Solutions For Your Digital Environment

NTS offers a wide host of IT solutions As-A-Service to meet your ever-changing demands.


Our experienced staff provide network infrastructure hardware and proactive monitoring. From switches, cores, and UPSs, your internal network will run efficiently and reliably, making it easier to support your clients.

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Our flexible wireless services scale with your company’s requirements, providing hardware and maintenance to fit those evolving needs.

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From phones and monitors to desktops and printers, our hardware on-demand services offer your business’s comprehensive IT infrastructure needs. We install, replace and remove any and all hardware from your building.

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Protect your IT environment from disaster. We offer comprehensive and secure backups for your digital environment. Rest assured your important data is available whenever you need it.

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Domestic Certified IT Experts At Your Fingertips

NTS offers superior IT As-A-Service products designed to provide your company with streamlined solutions. You come to us with any IT problem, we have an experienced team to solve it. We offer our clients:

Our certified technicians are uniquely qualified to work in your IT environment. Our decades of combined experience, a plethora of certifications, and dedication to transparency and security ensure your business can operate smoothly with our help.

Improve Your IT When You Need It

When you need immediate solutions, you need IT as-a-service. When you need solutions that are secure and reliable, you need the IT experts at NTS.

Our services are available 24×7 and are designed to work within your specific environment. IT solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and that’s why we work to find the best hardware and security options to match your business.

Contact us to set up your IT As-A-Service solution and focus more on keeping your business successful.


Upgrade Your IT With NTS

Better technology changes how you do what you do. We look forward to partnering with you to upgrade what your technology does for you.

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