Efficient Computer Imaging, Installation and Rollout Services Based in Richmond, VA

Efficient Computer Imaging, Installation and Rollout Services Based in Richmond, VA

Taking Care Of All Your Computer Fleet Rollout Needs

Your digital operations require up-to-date technology. But upgrading your company’s computers is never easy. You have to find the right machines for your specific job demands, make sure they fit within your budget and hope they arrive safely.

This process can become even more complicated if you have to rollout to multiple departments or buildings. Now you need to make sure every individual computer is installed and imaged correctly. You need people who can set them up and work with your employees to schedule the right time.

This logistics nightmare can lead to serious downtime, causing you to lose out on potential revenue.

If you want a job done right, you need to call in the experts. NTS’s Field Services team has decades of experience and extensive certifications in computer rollout services. We take care of all the legwork from imaging, installation and management.

You give us the project, we take care of the rest.

Computer Imaging & Streamlined Solutions

NTS is your source for computer imaging so you can experience faster deployment and minimal disruption to your end users. Our flexible imaging solution includes loading images to your specification or working with your administrative teams to create, build and maintain images for you.

With our custom imaging service, we can help with your unique needs. We offer flexible solutions, such as systems management software such as Ivanti and SCCM.

Computer imaging solutions also include:

  • System Configuration: Utilizing customized and special equipment added prior to installation.
  • Asset tagging and reporting: NTS can use your customer tags or we can customize tags for your needs. All necessary information provided via database or customized reports.
  • Staging: Available at our location or yours to insure security and accuracy. We strive for on-time, inside delivery at customer sites. And our experienced team and project managers can manage deployment and installation.

We Focus On Computer Rollout So You Don’t Have To

NTS’s Field Services team specializes in rolling out new machines for businesses of any size. From ten computers to a thousand, our specialists will take care of every step.

We spearhead the operation while collaborating with you to understand your company’s specific needs.

We find the best computers, prepare them with custom imaging, schedule the rollout, quickly and correctly install each machine, and even train your staff on their new toys.

Our experience ensures your tech rollout is efficient and effective, while also meeting internal and external service-level-agreements (SLAs). Your rollout will be specific to your needs, nothing more, nothing less.

Benefits Of Using NTS For Your Computer Needs

Improved Efficiency With Custom Computer Imaging

Our IT experts can assist you in creating custom computer images for your company or individual departments.


Through a standardized workstation image implemented by professionals, you can streamline the computer rollout process. All of the common software, files and network connections can instantly be available from the jump.


Your personalized image can be used for any future machines needed for new hires to expedite the on-boarding process.

Secure and Hassle-Free Computer Installation

Once the fleet of computers are ready to go, we get to work.


Your staff collaborates with our IT experts to create a convenient schedule that reduces downtime and allows for efficient installation. Through our decades of experience, we know how to set up your machines like the back of our RAMs.


With decades of combined experience, you can rest assured that your important technology is in good hands. Your desktop set-up will be non-intrusive, helping you work more effectively.

Comprehensive Computer Rollout Services

Once installed, we complete the final steps. From connecting to your network, signing in user profiles, and connecting accessories and equipment, we make sure your desktops are ready to go from day one.


We also take time to train your employees on how to use their new machines, introducing them to specific features and troubleshooting any concerns. Through your personalized onboarding process, your staff will be ready to get to work with their shiny new machines.

Streamlined Rollout Process That Gets You Back To Work

Thanks to our decades of experience in IT installation, your computer rollout project can become a reality in a few simple steps. We take the time to truly understand your company’s goals and how new machines will help you reach those goals.

Our process includes:

IT Subject Matter Experts Taking Out The Guesswork

NTS’s Field Services team is made up of domestic, certified subject matter experts. We have decades of experience available to you for your computer rollout needs.

We take care of all the heavy lifting, ensuring that your computer rollout is on time, within budget, and as hassle-free as possible. Thanks to NTS’s commitment to security, we guarantee your company information and computers will be secure from malicious threats.

Our end goal is to find solutions for your computer installation problems. That’s why we work with you personally, scaling to meet your specific needs. From large scale enterprises to single-suite operations, we will provide high-quality services.


Don’t Sweat Your Next Computer Upgrade

When you need turnkey solutions for your computer rollout project, make NTS your first call. Our experienced staff and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure that your project will be completed smoothly.


Contact us to schedule a consultation and introduce your company to cutting-edge technology.


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