Effective Cyber Security Services in Chesapeake, Virginia

Effective Cyber Security Services in Chesapeake, Virginia

Protect Your Data from Cyber Threats

Located on the outskirts of the Norfolk Naval Station, Chesapeake is home to military families and civilians alike. If your business is one of the many in the area that serves the government or its people, you know how important it is to keep your data secure.

No matter how big or small your operation, you have a duty to protect your vital internal and client information from cyber security attacks.

Without proper cyber protection for your IT infrastructure, your information is left vulnerable to digital threats that can steal or corrupt your data.

There are serious consequences to getting your internal network hacked:

  • Compromised internal and client data
  • Large fines
  • Ruined reputation
  • Potential business closure

Don’t put your company’s success on the line with outdated security practices. 

NTS’s proactive cyber security services can monitor your hardware and software systems and help you upgrade your response to threats. Your data can remain secure when you invest in personalized cyber security solutions.

Keep Your IT Environment Secure and Compliant

Proper cyber security services are a good investment to make for your Chesapeake business. On top of the general benefits it has to alleviating security risks, it can also keep your IT compliant with industry and government standards.

Storing your data across both physical network systems and cloud storage leaves a lot of opportunities for hackers to get in. By protecting your information from the get-go, you can address your vulnerabilities before they find them.

Cybersecurity protection services allow you to be proactive in your threat response. You can stop hacks before they ever happen and make sure your technology is compliant with regulations.

NTS’s cyber security experts will help you build a strong defense against security threats by testing your current IT environment. We’ll use our findings to identify strengths and weaknesses and create a personalized plan around them. You can prevent hackers from accessing your data with a proper response to malicious threats.

Protect your Chesapeake business with cybersecurity solutions tailored to your technology needs and equipment.

Invest in Proper Cyber Security


Proactive Cyber Security Services

NTS offers a range of cybersecurity services that scale to match your company’s specific IT environment and protect your hardware and software systems.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss can cause a lot of problems for your Chesapeake business. You can suffer from fines and a damaged reputation if any of your internal or client information gets compromised.

NTS’s monitoring and response process will encrypt and protect your data from getting stolen. You can store your data across hundreds of devices and cloud services without leaving it open to cybersecurity threats.

Protect Your Data

Security Vulnerability

Hackers are skilled at finding hidden weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and exploiting them to get what they want. NTS can assess your systems and find these vulnerabilities before they are subject to network security attacks. You can keep up with evolving threats and prevent them from harming your company.

Find Vulnerabilities


Your networking system is unique to your Chesapeake business. It needs a personalized cybersecurity approach designed around its specific strengths and weaknesses. NTS’s cyber security experts can work with your staff to develop cybersecurity risk solutions that work.

Speak with an Expert

Penetration Testing

NTS will thoroughly examine your entire IT infrastructure to find any vulnerabilities that compromise your network. Our comprehensive penetration test is designed to assess your equipment from top to bottom and give you a detailed report of what we find.

Test Your IT

Incident Response

Your network operates beyond the 9-5 business hours. That’s why you need to have a professional team on hand that’s available 24/7 to protect your IT infrastructure from cyber attacks and prevent outages.

Meet Our Incident Response Team

Network Security

Protect both your internal and external networks when you partner with NTS’s network security services. We’ll proactively monitor your systems and help you evolve your security protocols to keep up with technology trends.

Secure Your Network


NTS can help you meet requirements for strict government or industry security standards like HIPAA or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Our experts will assess your current protocols, identify any shortfalls and provide recommendations on how to patch them.

Meet Compliance


When you protectively test your IT environment with cybersecurity assessments, you can find weaknesses in your network and fix them before hackers exploit them. NTS partners with your current IT staff to create a response to these vulnerabilities so you can defend your network.

Test Your Systems

Certified Cyber Security Experts in Chesapeake, VA

NTS’s IT technicians are experienced in providing effective cybersecurity services for all types of industries. They stay up to date on the latest technology trends and have a passion to learn more.

With over 20 years of combined industry experience helping businesses in Virginia and beyond, you can trust our team to protect your data using a wealth of knowledge and professional expertise.

Our IT providers are required to maintain certain digital security and IT certifications, including:

  • CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Administrator in Security
  • GIAC: Global Information Assurance Certification
  • GSE: Security Expert + Security Consultant
  • GCSC: Security Expert + Security Consultant
  • GXPN: Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester
  • ISACA: Information Systems Audit and Control Association
  • CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • PMP: Certified Project Management Professional
  • CGEIT: Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT
  • CEH: E.C. Council Certified Professional
  • CRISC: Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
  • OSCP: Offensive Security Certified Professional
  • OSCE: Offensive Security Certified Engineer
  • OSWE: Offensive Security Web Expert
  • OSEE: Offensive Security Exploitation Expert

24/7 Cyber Defense When You Need It

Effective cyber security is both proactive and responsive. You can better protect your data when security experts are constantly monitoring your environment and responding to threats before they happen and as they happen.

When you partner with NTS, our team will work with your staff to create personalized IT security protocols that assess your technology for weaknesses, identify areas for improvement and provide solutions to fill in the gaps.

Whether your business needs compliance testing or a consistent network monitoring service, NTS’s subject matter experts can provide a unique solution to give your IT infrastructure the security it requires.

We offer:

Invest in professional cybersecurity services that protect your livelihood.

Cyber Security Services in Virginia

NTS provides proactive cybersecurity services to the following cities and surrounding areas in Virginia:

Alexandria | Arlington | Charlottesville | Chesapeake | Fairfax | Fredericksburg | Henrico | Manassas | Norfolk | Richmond | Roanoke | Virginia Beach


Improve Your Cyber Security Response

Prevent hackers from ever accessing your data with proactive and effective cybersecurity solutions that are tailored to your Chesapeake business.


NTS can keep your IT environment safe, secure and compliant.

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