Data Backup As-A-Service Based in Richmond, VA

Data Backup As-A-Service Based in Richmond, VA

Data acts as the blood vessels of your business’s body. From internal and customer information, your business wouldn’t be able to operate without it. You need to securely store them and easily access them to remain efficient.

This becomes readily apparent when you lose that vital data. Either due to a breach, an electric surge or an accidental button press, all of your files and information could be lost in an instant. Without the proper infrastructure to support data backups, you’re setting your company up to bleed money and resources.

Safeguard your data with NTS’s Backup As-A-Service. We provide your company the data storage infrastructure, maintenance and security to keep you running in case of emergency. Operated by our IT experts and reliant on off-premises cloud solutions, we safeguard your data for easy access.

Reliable Data Backup and Recovery

Data backup usually requires significant internal resources. From multiple storage options, reliable networks, and consistent security monitoring, data storage is a full-time job.

When you don’t have the time or the money to invest in data backup, you’re putting your business at serious risk. Your sensitive internal files can be lost, or your client’s information can be taken hostage in a ransomware attack.

Offering Data Backup As-A-Service provides necessary and secure data storage and backup solutions for your business.

You’ll work with IT experts to establish a service-level-agreement (SLA) which is used to tailor your service. Utilizing off-site storage and cloud services, we take care of regularly backing up your data, keeping it secure and reliable, while also offering quick access whenever you need it.

Through a monthly fee, your company can rest easy knowing all of its vital data is kept safe and secure by IT subject matter experts.

Comprehensive Data Backup Services

With Backup As-A-Service, our IT subject matter experts take care of all the data management heavy-lifting. These services include:

  • Implementing our digital data backup infrastructure
  • Diversifying your data storage options
  • Monitoring your data 24x7x365
  • Installing security protocols to proactively safeguard
  • Transferring backups to you for emergency situations

We’re your turnkey data backup solution. Without investing a large sum of money or wasting time setting up your internal solution, you can guarantee your data is secure and readily accessible at all times.


Access Your Data When You Need It

NTS is committed to helping businesses remain successful as they grow.

Our personalized data storage solution provides:

Our Backup As-A-Service is designed to take away the headaches associated with data storage.

IT Subject Matter Experts Dedicated to Data Security

As a cybersecurity company, NTS is committed to securing your important data. Because of this dedication, our IT subject matter experts are well-versed in physical storage and cloud services.

Through our diverse expertise, we can scale to meet your ever-changing demands. Whether you’re scaling up or down, we can support your data backup.

Your data will be kept secure thanks to our proactive security protocols and easily accessible through our 24×7 support.

Best of all, we ensure your service is affordable. As a monthly service, you can cut down on costs, turning your capital expenditure into an operational expenditure.

By providing you with a host of flexible choices and domestic experts on call, we strive to be your long-term partners in data backup.


Convenient and Secure Data Backup and Recovery

NTS’s Backup As-A-Service takes care of your necessary data recovery needs. Through a customized solution with multiple options and unique focus on security, you can go about your daily tasks knowing your data will be available anytime you need it.


Contact us and rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure.

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