Proactive Data Loss Prevention System Services Based in Richmond, VA

Proactive Data Loss Prevention System Services Based in Richmond, VA

Safeguard Your Important Company and Client Information

It’s more difficult than ever to keep up with your company’s data. From cloud services, internal networks, and even individual machines, sensitive information lives on many devices in your business. 

At the same time, cyber security threats are more prevalent than ever. Internal threats and external data breaches can happen at a moment’s notice. In an instant, all of your vital documents and messages can be compromised, damaging your revenue and your reputation.

When you need to protect your important data wherever it lives, you need a reliable data loss prevention (DLP) system implemented by experts.

NTS’s cyber security team offers personalized data loss prevention systems for your company. Whether you’re a small scale operation or national enterprise, work confidently knowing your DLP solution is organized, implemented, and maintained by experienced professionals.

Prevent Unwanted Access to Your Important Company Data

Your business relies on easily accessible data, and that data lives in multiple places within your operation. Your employees and clients store data on many networks, cloud services and devices within your network.

When these sources are unorganized and unsecure, they become prime targets for cyber attacks. A data source without a proper data loss prevention plan is like your car without its doors:

Someone’s going to get in eventually.

This is where DLP comes into play. Data Loss Prevention is the practice of using various software, hardware and guidelines to safeguard your vital data sources from unauthorized access. By maintaining these systems and rules, you can actively protect your data from breaches and deletion.

These DLP systems are often required by many industry compliance standards in an effort to make businesses more secure. Without a proper DLP, you could cost your business serious money, and more importantly, your client’s trust.

When a DLP is implemented by certified cyber security experts, your business will operate smoothly while keeping unwanted parties out of your data sources. 

Focus on your daily operations while NTS’s cyber security team focuses on protecting your data.

Data Loss Prevention Solutions Built Around Your Needs

Every business has different data storage processes. Whether your data lives on physical hardware, up in the Cloud, or a unique mix of both options, you need a DLP solution that accounts for everything.

The only way to prevent data loss is to create and implement a solution designed around your unique operation.

Your data loss prevention solution from NTS will be tailor-made to your needs. Our IT staff is certified in a wide variety of DLP systems and can coordinate different software and network security for you. Through collaboration with you and your IT department, we can create the ultimate security system for your data sources.

We specialize in a wide variety of DLP solutions, such as:

  • System installation and training
  • Surveillance and analysis of data storage
  • Proactive security measures
  • Secure data back-ups
  • And so much more!

Partner with passionate cyber security experts, dedicated to safeguarding company data.


24x7x365 Cyber Security Based in Richmond, VA 

While every data loss prevention plan is different, they do have one common feature: reliability.

NTS is first and foremost a cyber security company. Your data loss prevention plan will be handled by domestic IT subject matter experts who hold certifications and experience in a wide range of DLP systems. 

From software, hardware, surveillance and analysis, you’ll receive comprehensive security monitoring and management measures. On top of consulting and implementation, our managed services provide proactive solutions to deter most security threats.

Through our streamlined process, your solution is personalized and easily scalable to your needs. As your business grows and changes, you can meet with us to discuss what DLP solutions you need. 

Whatever security concerns or anxieties you have, our team is available at a moment’s notice, ready to find a solution and retrieve your data.

Cyber Security Services in Virginia

NTS provides proactive cybersecurity services to the following cities and surrounding areas in Virginia:

Alexandria | Arlington | Charlottesville | Chesapeake | Fairfax | Fredericksburg | Henrico | Manassas | Norfolk | Richmond | Roanoke | Virginia Beach


Protect Your Business With Data Loss Prevention Systems

Don’t put your data at risk.


NTS’s DLP solutions are personalized to your company’s needs, with a flexible contract able to scale our services with your business. You’ll have 24×7 access to IT subject matter experts dedicated to keeping your data safe.