Experienced Web Design in Richmond, VA

Experienced Web Design in Richmond, VA

Summary: Key Web Concepts, now partnered with NTS,  offers a variety of services and processes for web design. They begin by working with you to understand your business and target audience. Once they understand your needs, they will develop a strategy for your website. This strategy will include things like content development, design, and SEO.

Key Web uses a WordPress content management system (CMS) platform to build websites that are Google-Friendly. This allows us to create websites that are easy for you to update and maintain. They also offer custom coding services if you need a website that is more unique.

Here are the steps involved in Key Web Concepts’ web design process:

  1. Discovery Session: This is where Key Web Concepts gets to know you and your business.
  2. Strategy Development: This is where Key Web Concepts develops a plan for your website.
  3. Content Development: This is where Key Web Concepts creates the content for your website.
  4. Design: This is where Key Web Concepts designs the look and feel of your website.
  5. Development: This is where Key Web Concepts builds your website.
  6. Initial SEO: This is where Key Web Concepts optimizes your website for search engines before launch.
  7. Website Launch: This is where Key Web Concepts launches your website and trains you on how to use it.

Grow Your Business With Impactful Digital Marketing Services

As a leader of IT and other high-tech integration services, NTS serves our clients by strengthening their ability to accomplish their business goals. Our technology services center around customized plans that keep your workplace operating seamlessly and efficiently.

Our website design division, Key Web Concepts, serves our clients by creating digital marketing solutions that match their brands around the Richmond, VA area.

This includes web design and development. Regardless of the size of your business, having an online presence in an ever-growing digital age is of the utmost importance.

No matter your industry in Richmond, VA, Key Web helps businesses grow by:

  • Increasing web visibility
  • Sharpening brand identities
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Building customized websites

Designing & Developing Custom Websites For Your Business

The business world is making a gradual transition to exclusive online platforms. Consumers are using websites to determine purchases which means having a website for your company or organization can help increase not only client leads and acquisitions but access to several options of digital marketing channels as well.

With an unmatched passion for local business, our services are tailored to create for you a web presence that speaks directly to your target audience.

Generating leads and increasing revenue is what any business, whether small, mid-size or large, wants. Our web design division is here to help with that goal.

Strategy-Fueled & Passion-Driven, Customized Web Design in Richmond, VA

You want a website that best represents you, your company and your brand. You want it to be able to communicate your mission and philosophy to the clientele most likely to use your services. 

Using code that can be streamlined or customized, our team builds all websites on the WordPress CMS platform. These sites are created with a mindset that prioritizes your business goals. 

We design, our team develops, and your vision turns into reality. 

If you choose to have your website custom-coded, your site carries more capabilities to be customized around your company’s uniqueness.


Our Web Design Process

When we build you a site, we begin with a strategy that is specific to your business and your industry. Getting to know you and understanding your market is our first step. It’s how we drive your ideas forward.

We then:

Developing a Web Design Strategy Together

When it comes to designing your business’ website, the first step we take is an in-depth discovery session dedicated to uncovering your brand and all the attributes that make your business unique.

We want to develop a clear and accurate understanding of every facet of your company. This helps us carve out a defined and specific structure that matches your business mission and philosophy while communicating to your ideal target audience.

You’re passionate about your business and we’re passionate about understanding it.

Google-Friendly Websites Made from Scratch

Once we wrap up our strategy for the website design, we create mockups of the site, receive your approval and enter the development phase. Our team of experienced coders get to work and bring your site to life.

With a focus on clean code and fast load times with responsiveness in mind, your site will be operating at its fullest potential.

Each website we design is developed with the goal of increasing your search engine presence: giving you more opportunities to grow your business.

Matching Your Website Content With Your Brand

Alongside design that speaks to your target audience, we can create content that converts. The goal of any content on any website is to communicate your brand, services, products, and more to your ideal clientele.

When you marry your website’s design with content catered to your audience, your website can create untapped potential.

Our team of content strategists sit with you throughout the whole process, asking questions that dive deep into your business, the why’s, how’s, what’s, and more. This process allows us to curate content that speaks to both you and your customers on behalf of your website.


See Our Web Design Projects

Browse Key Web Concepts’ body of work to see the results we have provided for our clients.

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Content Development Services

Your business is unique. Your website copy should be too.

Key Web Concepts offers two primary tiers of content development services:

Full Copywriting

This is when our team of conversion-centered content strategists dive deep into your industry, understanding every facet of your business. We focus on all the things that make your business unique and better than your competition.

We discover your driving factors, uncover the roots of your business and help specify your company’s mission. And then we write everything so you don’t have to.

You have enough on your plate already from running a business, you don’t need extra homework.

While we step in to write all the content that matches your brand, you can relax and focus on the parts of your business that you actually enjoy.

Content Support

This is the tier beneath full copywriting. This service allows our content strategists to guide you on the direction of your site’s content. While we don’t do as much writing in this service, we are still there to help you navigate towards properly communicating who you are and what your business stands for.

What separates us from our competitors is, regardless of which copywriting service you will be enlisting, we create every site with initial SEO.

No matter who you are, what services your company offers, what products you sell, we want the same goal for all of our websites:

Rank your website on Google and other major search engines for search queries related to your business.

Web Design with Initial SEO in Mind from the Start

There are millions of web design agencies out there. Millions. What makes our web design unique is that we create sites with SEO-driven tactics.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is how we prepare your website for the best chance of web visibility on major search engines.

Think about SEO as the shepherd that brings a flock of potential customers in need to your website.


Our SEO Process

While SEO is more like a marathon than a sprint, oftentimes the process can be detailed fairly simply.

  1. Your site is built with conversion-driven content and a design that speaks to your customers.
  2. Our team of content strategists and SEO specialists incorporate SEO tactics onto the pages of your site. Right down to the code.
  3. Google begins to crawl your site. This means their algorithm inspects the code and content that lives on your site.
  4. Google begins the process of recognizing your site as an expert in industry-related searches.
  5. Website users begin seeing your site pop up as top results for queries and keywords
  6. More visitors mean more visibility and more opportunities. You’re happy. We’re happy.


We do want to note that SEO results can vary depending on your industry, the competition in your market, location, search volume, and a range of other factors. If other agencies promise you immediate first page results, danger ahead! Proceed with caution.


More than just Website Design

SEO Services for Increased Traffic

Our Search Engine Optimization services are designed to improve your site’s visibility and position you at the top of organic search results. When done properly, a website’s SEO can act as the strong foundation of your online marketing strategy.

It can lead a mass of new clients looking for services and products related to your business.

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Digital Marketing that Transforms

Our digital marketing includes any marketing campaign or concentrated effort that advertises your business and speaks to your audience. Our goal for your digital marketing is to turn casual visitors into clients and clients into passionate fans of your services and products.

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Graphic Design to Match Your Brand

When it comes to graphic design services, the Key Web team uses best design practices in tandem with your business brand to create professional and unique logos, business cards, postcards, signage, brochures and any other print materials you may need.

Our graphic design services are used to visually communicate your business while our web design services are used to digitally communicate your business.

Regardless of which service you go with, one thing remains constant – and that is our dedication and commitment to your business’ success.

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Logo Design

Your website is only as good as your brand.

Key Web offers branding and logo design services to help you create a modern, consistent identity that not only reflects your company to the fullest, but also attracts your target audience.

Your logo design is the period at the end of the sentence. What we help you develop is the sentence and the period. That sentence is what you hope to convey to your ideal target market.

When you pair website design with a polished brand then the potential to become a leader in your industry has more potential then you ever thought possible.

Matching Brands With Websites & Websites With Customized Design

At NTS, our goal is to enhance your ability to execute your mission through superior technology services. Our Key Web Concepts division extends those technology services to include digital marketing with a mission to deliver to you the highest quality product.

No matter if you’re a small non-profit or a mid-sized engineering firm, you can rely on us to champion your success through technological capabilities, customized IT management and now digital marketing services.

Whether you’re a new up-and-coming business or you’re an established brand, our web design services cater to companies looking for their website to drive traffic, boost sales and increase revenue.


Stevenson Consulting

  • Keira Lowry
  • Richmond, VA

We just completed a total redesign of our website with Key Web Concepts and we couldn’t be happier! The team was amazing, engaging, and took everything into consideration when designing our website for our industry. We can’t thank them enough. We will absolutely use them in the future for any design needs/concepts.


Terres Blanches Wine Merchants

  • Cason Love
  • Richmond, VA

I cannot say enough about Key Web Concepts. They exceeded all expectations I had for branding and website development, and came in under budget. The Quality-to-Price Ratio provided by Key Web is second to none.


Alex Jackson

  • Wall Residences
  • Richmond VA

They really get to know their customers to ensure the website they are creating is what the customer really needs. I highly recommend them. We are very satisfied with the look of our new site.

Grow Your Business Through Web Design

You’ve secured your website with our IT solutions, now let our marketing specialists bring it business.


Our web design division, Key Web Concepts, can guide your digital marketing efforts to help you reach your audience,  generate more leads and increase your revenue.

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