Proactive Field Services Based in Richmond, VA

Proactive Field Services Based in Richmond, VA

It’s something you don’t think you need until the day you need it.

Whether you’re a local small business or a national enterprise that needs technological insurance and equipment security, NTS offers proactive field services to keep your workplace environment and technological investments running smoothly.

Technological equipment helps your workplace operate to its highest level. Oftentimes, the data and records that are crucial to your business’s livelihood are dependent on the very operations of your technology.

Taking Care of Your Equipment & Your Business

When your technology fails, the potential for your business does too.

With NTS, our subject matter experts help provide a consistent and reliable mechanism that keeps your technology investments running efficiently.

To keep your technology investments operating smoothly, Field Services from NTS offer expert technicians who are strategically trained to respond to both hardware and software concerns. Our services eliminate your tech problems, increase your workplace efficiency to keep your business productive.

Prompt Servicing & Investment Protection

Much like any product in the technological age, your equipment can break.

Before this happens in your workplace and your data is erased, think of our Field Services as insurance for all your computer equipment.

From printers, servers, computers, routers and more, our services are tailored to serve a number of clients. State and local governments, doctor offices, healthcare facilities, county governments and more, we serve industries using only the highest quality field services in Richmond, VA.

We protect your investments by, first, analyzing any troubleshooting issues that may have risen, fixing those issues and then becoming your one-stop-shop for all your future technology needs.

We respond quickly and, unlike other IT companies, we aren’t just tech support. We come directly to your physical location.

Proactive & Reactive Field Services for You

Due to the comprehensive nature of Field Services, our technicians at NTS are readily available to service all your technological needs with 24x7x365 tech support. Regardless of the issue you may be experiencing, our great references and competitive pricing allow us to operate reliably, quickly and preparedly.

At NTS, we offer:



Our Process

  1. You contact NTS – submit a service proposal request or directly contact us.
  2. We acquire an equipment list – our team of technicians records the quantities and all the locations of your equipment. That way, we can always have the correct parts and tools on hand and ready to go for any emergency.
  3. The team is dispatched – if a problem arises, our team is immediately sent to your location, makes a diagnosis of the issues and then fixes the problem.

 When you use our services, you get:

Customized Support Specific to Your Work Environment

Our fixed-price contracts offer service level agreements that specify a response time and fix time. We understand that when your technology falters, your revenue is at risk. Wasting time and overhead is wasting money. That’s where we step in. 

When you call, we come. Our Field Services Division eliminates downtime to allow you to focus on increasing productivity in the workplace, keeping revenue flowing and the assembly lines going. 


Certified & Proactive. Your One-Stop-Shop for Field Services

With all technology parts and tools on hand at all times, our OEM-certified technicians will offer you comfort and peace of mind when it comes to the well-being and security of your workplace equipment.

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