Deskside Support Based in Richmond, VA

Deskside Support Based in Richmond, VA

Whether you’re a large enterprise or small business, our Deskside Support services offer in-staff, certified technicians to serve as an extra set of IT hands — no matter your industry.

Having an IT team within your workplace can help alleviate the stress that floods your business when your technology and computer equipment abruptly shut down.

Perhaps the greatest fear when it comes to the IT sector of any business is the potential for your records, crucial data and all the other important documentation that keep you afloat, to disappear in a giant tsunami of technology crashes.

The solution to that problem lays with NTS’s Deskside Support. Our Deskside Support services provide immediate and onsite support to your technological environment.

Helping Staff Your IT Workforce

The Deskside Support team at NTS is exactly how it sounds. Our experienced and certified technicians will be integrated into your team as either a Part-Time or Full-Time Employee (FTE), ready to address any issues that may occur in your technological environment.

Acting as an extension of your existing staff and dedicated to finding solutions that improve your IT space, our team works nights, weekends and holidays to assist you with any and all IT-related matters.

How Deskside Support Works

To support your environment, we send out a minimum of two people onsite for your IT staff.  When you enlist our services, you essentially get an army of new employees who support your environment and are proficient in:

After getting your NTS team of technicians, you won’t miss a beat when one of your employees is out or unavailable to assist with an IT concern. Based on your IT needs, we adjust the number of your onsite technicians.

Scalable when it comes to the number of technicians your environment requires, our Deskside Support services are all-inclusive.

You don’t have to worry about any extra costs. We control the salary and benefits of your onsite technician when you use our Deskside Support services.

While we control the cost of your certified technicians, you control the workflow.

Whatever you need when it comes to IT, your NTS Deskside Support team will be there to keep your operations running as smoothly as possible.

Becoming Deskside Support in Richmond, VA

At NTS, we offer more than just in-house deskside support. We also offer employment opportunities for qualified technicians. When a client enlists the services of the FTEs we provide, there is an opportunity for our employees to take on the role of your deskside support specialist.

NTS offers additional career opportunities for certified technicians for the roles of Deskside Support. Our hope is to turn our technicians into your Full-Time Employees. It’s what helps us continue building our relationship, even if you no longer use our services.

Building Long-Term Relationships with You

Cultivating strong relationships with our clients over time is one of our highest priorities. We understand how demanding the workplace can be, especially when it comes to IT services. It’s why we assure you that our partnership doesn’t have to end after Deskside Support.

Our goal is to serve our clients and help fulfill any and all of their IT demands and needs.

When you partner with us, you keep your technology services running smoothly and your production lines moving efficiently.

Give us a call today to find your certified deskside support team!


Upgrade Your IT With NTS

Better technology changes how you do what you do. We look forward to partnering with you to upgrade what your technology does for you.

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