Proactive Incident Response Services Based in Richmond, VA

Proactive Incident Response Services Based in Richmond, VA

Protect Your Investments From The Inevitable

Offensive security incidents are not a matter of “if”, but of “when”.

These cyber attacks can happen at any time and they’re designed to prey on companies with no formal incident response in place.

If your company has an IT staff, then you most likely have an incident response plan created for you. But your staff doesn’t have time to keep up with every security concern, and neglecting this plan over time only makes it less effective.

Through NTS’s incident response services, our certified IT subject matter experts not only help you create and maintain a full emergency plan, but they’re also involved in the plan itself.

You’ll collaborate with us to design the right plan to meet the many needs of your IT environment. By incorporating every department in your company, your response strategy can protect every aspect of your business. From the front reception desk to the CEO’s office, you’ll have a protocol in place for each department.

You’ll receive assistance in every aspect of incident response. We’ll help with planning, implementation and training to prepare personnel for an emergency situation. Once everyone is on the same page, we’ve only done half our job.

When an attack does happen, you’ll have 24x7x365 access to the same security professionals that created the procedures. They’ll follow your agreed-upon incident response to a tee and protect your investments from digital attacks.

NTS is your turnkey cyber security solution.

Safeguard Your Business Through Comprehensive Incident Response Planning

While every incident response is specific to every company, there are industry-standard plans that we use as a foundation for every security issue. We follow both the SANS Institute six-step process and the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix for Enterprise.

The basis for our incident response includes:

This industry-honored and proven process allows for effective training, quick response times, and productive plan reforms. Your company can be prepared before, during and after an offensive cyber security incident.

24x7x365 IT Environmental Defense

NTS is a cyber security company first and foremost. That means we’re passionate about protecting your company assets and brand reputation.

Our certified staff of IT subject matter experts stay in-the-know about malicious hacking tactics in order to better protect your company. Along with maintaining our certifications, we’re always eager to learn about new standards and tactics in the cyber security world.

You’ll work directly with our domestic IT staff to form your unique incident response plan. Through personalized service and thorough analysis, we’ll incorporate your business priorities and company size into your protocols.

As a smaller firm, our incident response services can scale to your security needs. Whether you’re a one-room-operation or running multiple buildings nationwide, we can develop effective security defenses with you.


Prepare For Any Cyber Security Threat

NTS’s cyber security experts work directly with you and your team to create a powerful incident response plan designed around your IT environment.


Along with actively responding to incidents as they happen and working with you in the review process, we’re your one-stop cyber security solution.