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Complex tech projects? No problem with our IT Support Services.

NTS has a deep pool of engineers and subject matter experts who are certified in a wide-range of advanced systems and technologies, and who are available to assist with any special projects. Let NTS provide professional expertise and assistance so you can focus on managing your business and win with IT support 24/7/365.

Be prepared with dependable corporate data backup services provided by NTS

NTS will back up your data and your programs locally on your network in order to minimize data backup windows and internet bandwidth.

Quick on demand file restoration

  • Block level snapshots with incremental data capture
  • Recovery points available to within an hour, every hour
  • Advanced compression technology to maximize hardware utilization
  • Native data backup and restore of Microsoft SQL and Exchange
  • Restorations to cloud-based virtual machines available
  • Ability to create standby virtual machine
  • Bare Metal Restore to dissimilar hardware with bootable disk
  • No tedious tapes
  • Responsive personalized customer service
  • 24×7 tech support, 365 days a year

Offsite corporate data backup and storage replication
And then we back up our backup off-site

In the event of a disaster, we quickly restore your critical programs and data to our servers. You’ll just log in and run your programs remotely and securely from any location through an Internet connection.

You’ll have your critical programs up and running in a fraction of the time of conventional tape or remote data backup systems, while your neighbors are still trying to get servers, PCs, and their critical programs. Once you have your critical functions running, you will be able to restore your business to its full condition. Unlike other businesses that aren’t prepared, you will still be able to serve your customers.