Reliable IT Staffing Services Based in Richmond, VA

Reliable IT Staffing Services Based in Richmond, VA

Staffing and Recruiting Options from IT Industry Experts, Not an Agency

As business booms, it’s only natural to expand your company with it. Regardless of what industry you’re in, a fully-staffed IT department is necessary to handle all technical operations and troubleshoot any problems so you can keep your systems running efficiently.

If your current IT staff is too small and getting overwhelmed with its workload, it may be time to consider recruiting more experts. As obvious as this is, many companies hold back from finding more IT technicians because they don’t have the budget, time or resources to hire them.

The longer you operate with an overworked staff, the higher the risk of having problems slip through the cracks.

Before you know it, your equipment is malfunctioning, projects are months behind and your hardware and software systems are vulnerable to attacks.

NTS’s IT Staffing Services offer the perfect solution to your hiring concerns. NTS will handle the recruitment for you, finding subject matter experts to work on-site for your company. You can contract professionals from a wide range of technical expertise that fit your business needs.

Expand Your IT Department Without an Exhausting Hiring Process

It’s no secret that hiring in the IT industry can be an expensive and lengthy process. When you need desktop support or a network engineer to monitor your systems, it’ll cost you valuable time, research and resources to get an experienced professional who knows what they’re doing.

Instead of hiring a full-time specialist right off the bat that requires salary, benefits and more, you can contract through NTS and let us handle the taxes and overhead work. 

Staff augmentation is the process of hiring outside contractors from other agencies to boost your current team and add more skills to your company’s capabilities. With NTS, you can contract our IT technicians as an expense to work part time on-site as regularly scheduled resources for your company. If you like them, you can keep them for longer contracts or hire them full-time.

Unlike agencies that outsource their support, NTS’s contracted IT staff will work at your physical location during designated hours for as long as you need, depending on your company requirements.

NTS has a thorough hiring process to make sure all candidates meet your qualifications and have interpersonal skills. Based on your business demands, NTS will assign you an IT subject matter expert with the experience and skills you need added to your staff.

Whether you require a system administrator, PC technician or help desk support, you’ll receive a specialist with skillsets in line with the scope of work.

When your business is in constant need for new employees, NTS’s professional IT recruitment services can expand your department and keep it operating at peak performance.

Find the Right Staff Today

IT Recruitment Solutions that Find the Right People

When you’re hiring to fill the gap in your IT staff, it can take a long time to find the perfect candidate for a job that might only last 4 months. Your company might not have the time or resources to recruit properly.

That’s where NTS comes in as your recruiter.

NTS takes care of finding IT professionals, interviewing them and making sure they are a proper fit for your company before sending them your way. Since they are NTS employees, you will not have to worry about onboarding or financing.

One way to look at staff augmentation is hiring an employee as-a-service – your company contracts an IT subject matter expert to work in-person at your business for the duration of the agreement so they can provide their services and expertise.

Whether you need a long-term manager, desktop support for 6 months, or a network engineer for 2 years and the availability to move to full-time, NTS can find a technician that fits the bill and thrives in your company environment.


Improve Your IT with a Professional Staff

When your IT department needs help keeping up with your company, NTS’s IT staffing services can provide the boost of employees it needs to increase productivity.

IT solutions are not one-size-fits-all, which is why we will tailor our services to your business requirements. You’ll gain a colleague that has the skills and capabilities your IT department needs to run efficiently. And prospective IT applicants now get the chance to find a job with a less tedious hiring process.

Since 1998, NTS has been able to provide staffing solutions to several types of industries:

No matter what your industry does or where it’s located, NTS has the flexibility to send a professional IT staff to you when you need one. Our Richmond-based team has staff all over the United States and provides remote services internationally.


Give Your Business a Boost with IT Experts

Company growth can come with complications – a heavier workload might overwhelm a short-staffed IT department. By partnering with NTS, you can upgrade your technology approach with a professional IT staffing agency in Richmond, Virginia. Let us help you make the job search easier for your staff and your recruits.

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