Security Engineer

Midlothian, VA

Security Engineer
Job Code: 743

 Are you passionate about cybersecurity and dedicated to safeguarding the digital realms of today’s diverse and dynamic world? At NTS, we believe in more than just protecting data and networks – we are committed to preserving the cultural fabric of our organization. As a Security Engineer here, you’ll play a vital role in fostering a culture of security excellence, collaboration, and innovation.

At NTS, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity as the heart of our organizational culture. We understand that every individual brings a unique perspective, which enriches our collective intelligence and fuels our innovative solutions. We’ve cultivated a work environment where the exchange of ideas and collaboration transcends boundaries. In our pursuit of cybersecurity excellence, we draw inspiration from the tapestry of world cultures, recognizing that diverse viewpoints are our greatest asset in the ever-evolving landscape of digital security.



  • Monitor the environment for potential security risks and anomalies
  • Analyze and triage security alerts escalating incidents when necessary
  • Produce detailed documentation of analysis and response activities
  • Coordinate remediation efforts with other team members as necessary
  • Assist with creating and tuning security monitoring use cases
  • Assist with creating and improving Threat Management process and procedure
  • Generate periodic security metric reports
  • Design and conduct formal penetration tests on web-based applications, computer networks, embedded systems, and other types of cyber-physical systems to include analysis of the system “as designed”, “as built” and “as operating”.
  • Conduct security assessments of servers, computer systems, and networks to include security audits from both a logical/theoretical standpoint and a technical/hands-on standpoint.
  • Understand security aspects related to wireless networks, databases, software development, software applications, and company proprietary information


  • Bachelor’s degree in IT or equivalent experience
  • Familiarity with a variety of network architectures, network services, system types, network devices, development platforms, and software suites (e.g. Windows, NIX, Oracle, Active Directory, .NET, etc.)
  • Knowledge and experience in web application configuration in particular experience with the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack
  • Working understanding of OWASP’s Top 10 vulnerabilities, how they are exploited, and a notion of how they are fixed
  • Understand the risks/impact your ‘attack’ will have on the business and its users and work with customers to establish processes to meet security objectives without impacting operations
  • A good understanding of Penetration testing methodology (recon [active & passive], vulnerability analysis, exploitation, lateral movement, and reporting) or PTES, MITRE ATT&CK, etc
  • Able to conduct remote testing of a client’s network, or onsite testing of their infrastructure to expose weaknesses in security
  • Administration or support experience in a large enterprise environment
  • Awareness of the incident response lifecycle
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, in English
  • Must be able to work independently as well as work as part of a fast-moving team
  • Familiarity with backups, Sophos, and Meraki preferred
  • Certifications including but not limited to OSCP, CEH, CCNA, Security+

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