Cyber Security Monitoring and Management in Virginia Beach, VA

Cyber Security Monitoring and Management in Virginia Beach, VA

Stay Protected with a Cyber Security Compliance Manager

Many industries in Virginia Beach are starting to require their local businesses to meet certain levels of security in order to combat the rise of cyber attacks. Digital security is a must if you want to properly protect your company and client information.

That being said, 70% of companies agree that the cyber security systems they put in place will not scale as new regulations emerge.

If you want to keep your company secure, your IT environment needs to be regularly tested and updated as new practices and compliance standards become available.

As one of the top cyber security companies in VA Beach, NTS specializes in IT compliance and management services. In addition to framework assessments and real-time incident response protocols, your cybersecurity compliance manager will oversee your progress in reaching industry-specific and government IT regulations.

With expert guidance, your company can regularly meet and maintain cyber security standards.

IT Monitoring and Management for your Virginia Beach Company

Keeping your technology up to date and reaching compliance takes a lot of work that your company may not have the resources for. That’s okay, 34% of organizations outsource some or all of their compliance functionality.

When your business needs help achieving and maintaining industry and government regulations, NTS can help you identify your IT’s shortcomings and find solutions to patch them. Your trusted security advisor will provide recommendations to help solve infrastructure weaknesses and protect your data from hackers.

By addressing all of your data security shortfalls, you can put better measures in place that also meet security regulations.

In addition to supplying these assessments and feedback, your security compliance manager can help you implement security policies, train your staff on compliance procedures and respond to real-time incidents.

NTS is your in-house resource for better cyber security.

Reach Compliance With Us

Maintaining Security Requirements

Your business is unique, which means it has a unique set of standards it must reach unlike any other company in Virginia Beach. Your cyber security compliance manager will keep a managed compliance risk profile on which assessments your specific IT infrastructure needs and what guidelines it should follow.

NTS offers several digital security assessments, including but not limited to:

See a full list of the framework and compliance assessments offered by NTS.

We offer monthly, quarterly and annual compliance check-ins that involve running these tests and explaining the results to you.


Customized IT Management

When you partner with NTS for your digital security efforts, your data is in the hands of experienced IT subject matter experts. Our premier compliance process will assess your network security and help you maintain your IT infrastructure.

Your security compliance manager will:

  1. Create a dedicated team of experts to assess and monitor your IT environment.
  2. Identify your cyber security requirements and analyze your networks, systems and data for their current capabilities.
  3. Provide data-based recommendations for keeping your framework compliant with industry and government standards. This includes how to address vulnerabilities.
  4. Establish internal compliance policies and procedures for your company’s staff to follow.
  5. Proactively monitor and respond to digital threats before they compromise your vital information.

Cyber Security Experts in Virginia Beach, VA

When your cyber security approach isn’t updated, all it takes is one small vulnerability for a hacker to breach your system. Your company can suffer thousands in fines along with a ruined reputation.

Government and industry leaders put security regulations in place, but it’s up to you to comply with them. If it’s too straining for your current staff to keep up with regular IT maintenance, NTS can help with our extensive cyber security solutions.

Our IT testing and management services are specifically designed to help you reach security standards. Your security compliance specialist has the training and certifications needed to offer you solutions and help your staff create procedures that protect your networks and information.

As a professional IT company based in Virginia Beach, our cyber security specialists can take care of all your IT needs. You are protecting your company when you actively maintain compliance regulations and take necessary steps to guard your data.

Cyber Security Services in Virginia

NTS provides proactive cybersecurity services to the following cities and surrounding areas in Virginia:

Alexandria | Arlington | Charlottesville | Chesapeake | Fairfax | Fredericksburg | Henrico | Manassas | Norfolk | Richmond | Roanoke | Virginia Beach


Keep Your Compliance in Capable Hands

Does your Virginia Beach Company need a cybersecurity compliance manager to help with your IT?


Test your security with NTS’s compliance and management services that can help your technology reach government and industry regulations.

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