IT As-A-Service Based in Virginia Beach, VA

Offering Remote and Travel IT Services

IT As-A-Service Based in Virginia Beach, VA

Offering Remote and Travel IT Services

A Responsive and Experienced IT Team

The IT landscape is constantly becoming larger, riskier and more complicated. It can be impossible to employ an IT staff with enough manpower and knowledge to handle all of your issues in-house.

Your company’s IT employees are stretched thin handling ongoing projects, troubleshooting issues and resolving internal fires.

If your staff can’t fix an issue, it could become one that escalates. It’s possible that your workers are great at fixing problems as they arise but could struggle with equipment procurement. On the other hand, your business could have wireless and network tasks covered but lack the help you need to complete data backups.

This is where NTS comes in. By partnering with our IT Support As-A-Service team in Virginia Beach, you can get help with your business’s network, hardware, wireless or backups. Our subject matter experts are well versed in IT issues and have 24×7 availability to get you the help you need.

NTS offers flexible plans for all of your modern technology demands. You may have once had everything you need to troubleshoot IT problems, but as the world becomes increasingly digital and third-party cloud services continue gaining popularity, you’ll need help.

IT Support As-A-Service works as an on-demand solution to your gaps in IT coverage. NTS has a large team of subject matter experts capable of repairing, installing and upgrading your infrastructure.

Which Technology Service Does My Business Need?

The technicians at NTS possess a wealth of capabilities. In order to help you benefit from all of those, you can choose from a multitude of customizable services.

For businesses in need of 24x7x365 IT support, NTS has IT As-A-Service or Managed IT Services available in Virginia Beach.

As-A-Service provides a vertical approach to IT, meaning NTS will handle everything from procurement to maintenance to monitoring for our clients. In contrast, Managed IT Services offers a horizontal approach where you receive personnel support for a variety of IT issues, including security.

When paired together, your business can rest easy knowing they have full IT coverage wherever they need it.

IT As-A-Service Company with Tailored Options for Your Business

NTS breaks up our IT support plans into four separate categories.

Network As-A-Service

If your IT network is not new or large enough to support your company, production can fall behind. NTS can assist you with purchasing new hardware and software, monitoring your network, maintaining equipment and upgrading systems. While your network is in good hands you can focus on growing your business.

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Hardware As-A-Service

Your business needs the best and newest technology hardware to keep competitive, but handling hardware internally is hard work. It can be costly and time consuming to invest in new equipment, get it installed, ensure security and keep up with maintenance. When you partner with NTS, you can avoid high costs and know that every step of the process is taken care of.

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Wifi As-A-Service

Wireless connection is essential to your business. Without having a reliable daily connection, your company could lose potential customers and rack up overhead costs. NTS can complete the installation, upgrades, repairs, scaling, security and monitoring you need to keep your business online.

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Data Backup As-A-Service

Every day your business generates new data and relies on past data to operate. If you lose your data, the entire company could suffer financial loss and/or reputation damage. NTS offers backup services to safeguard your data. Our IT experts work on your storage, network and security to keep your business and clients protected.

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Cost Cutting On-Demand Technology Services Based in Virginia Beach, VA

Your business is unique, which is why NTS provides you with service options.

The array of IT As-A-Service offerings means you can relax while everything you need is handled. Our team quickly and reliably fixes data and computer issues.

You’ll have access to our  technicians every day to bring innovative solutions to your business. NTS will bill you monthly, meaning regardless of what comes up each month your technology infrastructure will be handled. Once that payment is made, you can focus the rest of your energy on profits.

Our team will focus on bringing you services tailored to your business. This is what you can expect with IT As-A-Service:

Responsive and Qualified IT Support Specialists Based in VB

Your business can run smoother with a streamlined IT approach. The NTS team provides a premier IT As-A-Service experience for all of our customers. You can contact our technicians about any IT problem and they will work on getting you exactly the help you need. NTS offers our clients:

  • 24×7×365 Availability
  • Customized solutions for your unique business needs
  • Flexible and scalable services that grow with your company
  • Enhanced IT infrastructure security

Our staff of qualified and certified IT support specialists are perfectly prepared to help with your IT issues. When you choose As-A-Service, you get workers with decades of combined experience, an unmatched commitment to their work and a special eye for security to keep your business fully operational.


Immediate IT Solutions for Your Business

If your IT isn’t properly managed, your Virginia Beach business could lose money and valuable time.

A wireless issue could take your entire office offline, a networking problem could result in computers so bogged down that no one can use them, a hardware issue could call for costly replacements and without regular backups you could lose years of data.

Don’t let your productivity suffer. The IT experts at NTS can be available whenever you need them with personalized services and exact solutions.

Contact us today to see if IT As-A-Service is the right fit for your business.


Boost IT With NTS

Improving your technology can improve your business. NTS is here to provide whatever level of IT support you need to achieve success. 

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