IT Procurement Services in Virginia Beach, VA

IT Procurement Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Supplier Services to Get Your Business the Tech it Needs

Having the correct technology is imperative to your business’s success.

Each company has specific hardware, software, licensing and equipment needs that directly impact productivity and communications on a daily basis.

When it comes time to replace existing equipment or expand your IT, it can be overwhelming and challenging to find the best products for your business. Making the wrong purchase could be a costly mistake and making the right one requires extensive research.

NTS has a deep knowledge of the IT field and can help you purchase the hardware, software and licensing that your business needs. We are available to meet your procurement requests around the United States and regularly provide a variety of IT services in Virginia Beach.

You can acquire technology for any scenario you can think of. From an entire company overhaul and major upgrades to small additions, NTS is able to be flexible and respond to your requests as they evolve.

Increasing Efficiency and Slashing Overhead Costs

If your business provides employees with sub-par technology or products that are not intuitive it can drastically slow your productivity. Even if just one employee is experiencing an IT issue, your profit could quickly take a hit.

Overhead costs can tick upwards when systems fail, employees struggle to use the provided technology, equipment runs slowly or client communications are dropped.

NTS can ensure your business never gets to that point. By taking on the research, purchasing and installation needed to bring new IT into your workplace we can keep you focused on production.

Purchasing technology for your workplace should have a positive impact, don’t get caught up handling procurement on your own. With the right team behind you, you’ll have the tools needed to build up your business.


Procuring the Best IT Services for Your Business

When it comes to stocking the best technology for your business, you can’t just pick up the cheapest sale item from your local big box or tech store. The most economical decision for your Virginia Beach company is to get long-lasting equipment that is well-suited to your workflow.

Purchasing something that has to be returned, doesn’t fit your needs or breaks down faster than expected can end up accruing out-of-budget costs.

Make the right decision the first go around by enlisting expert help.

NTS procurement specialists work to understand exactly what your business goals are and get the IT equipment you need to meet them. From purchase to installation, everything is made easy.

Public sector clients will be provided with complete solutions to their procurement needs. From equipment suggestions to implementation, NTS utilizes state, local and federal technology procurement programs such as e-rate, GSA and cooperative contract vehicles as well as grants, to provide you with cost-effective solutions.

NTS personalized procurement services include:

Adaptable Services for Your IT Procurement Needs

Every company operates in a unique way. Your requests will be heard and NTS will assess any potential risks or security issues by conducting a vulnerability evaluation and planning for disaster recovery.

Your procurement plan will be tailored to your business goals and challenges. As your company enters this next phase of development, you’ll have certified technicians and IT professionals in your corner ready to help.

Here is what you can expect:

The first step is getting to know you and assessing your business needs. Before the procurement process starts, our team must know what you’re looking to accomplish.

The next step is the search for the best equipment possible. NTS always works to keep within your budget while still finding quality products.

Here are some of our specific procurement services:


IT Leasing Options for Your Virginia Beach Business

If you’re not ready to make a major IT purchase or your budget is tight, NTS can offer you an array of equipment leasing options. Leasing provides customers a way to obtain the IT equipment they need to operate while keeping costs low. By leasing instead of buying you can also avoid obligations to use equipment that may become unneeded in your workplace.

Once your lease period is over, here are your options:

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A Virginia Beach Partner Through Your Entire IT Journey

Network integration is an essential part of purchasing new technology. NTS has established a process to meet your IT goals:

  • Assign you an account manager
  • Initiate an audit of your environment
  • Create a contract
  • Begin onboarding
  • Record a detailed inventory
  • Support client growth

When you work with NTS, you get access to IT advice from our qualified network engineers. Your business can continue running smoothly with the correctly prescribed hardware, software and emerging technologies.

NTS can keep your company geared towards profit by handling your installations, upgrades, cloud services, security, storage and VPN solutions.

Contact us out today to start reaching permanent technical solutions.


Procuring IT Hardware & Software to Reach Your Production Goals

Your Virginia Beach business needs new technology to stay ahead of the competition. Let NTS handle implementation, installation, support, monitoring and remediation.

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