Comprehensive Managed IT Services in Henrico, VA

Comprehensive Managed IT Services in Henrico, VA

Boost Your Business Operations with Technology Support Services

You want your small business to grow, which means your technology needs also have to grow so it can continue supporting your company goals. With an expansive network of hardware and software systems, you may have trouble monitoring and maintaining a secure environment.

An IT problem can occur at any moment, and without 24×7 support it’s nearly impossible to address it in a timely manner. Even issues that occur on the clock can overwhelm your employees or disrupt productivity.

With all there is to keep up with, data protection may get put on hold when dealing with other IT issues. In a world where cyber security attacks happen often, this simply will not do.

Why Are Managed IT Services Important?

Statistics show that 34% of organizations experienced a malware attack in 2020 and 20% were victims of a ransomware hit, yet many companies don’t include extensive security measures in their IT efforts.

Small and medium-sized businesses are hesitant to spend the money on cyber security, yet the numbers reveal that 43% of attacks target them specifically.

If your Henrico company’s small IT environment is struggling to keep up with increasing demands, NTS offers a variety of managed IT service bundles that provide long-term technical solutions, quality cyber security, proactive system monitoring and 24x7x365 operations support.

With NTS’s Managed Services, you gain a partner in IT who will handle your physical and virtual systems so you can focus on company growth and getting your time back.


IT Managed Services to Keep Your Henrico Business Productive

Our IT consultants understand that every business is unique and yours needs a specific set of services. Here’s what you can expect from an NTS IT support plan:

24x7 Service Desk

Your small IT team can’t be at work every hour of the day but your network can go down at any time. If an emergency happens overnight or during the weekend, the NTS Network Operations Center is available to solve your problems. You can call or email NTS’s IT help desk services to quickly get help from any of our expert IT consultants.

Learn About the IT Help Desk

Data Backup Recovery

Your business’s data storage needs to go beyond a few hard drives and a cloud account.

Data loss could occur at any time and that’s why you need a backup and recovery plan specific to your business. If your vital data is breached you could lose client trust and many hours of productivity. NTS can help back up your important documents and files.

Protect Your Data

Systems and Network Management

Your networks are the backbone of your IT – if it goes down, it can bring your operations to a screeching halt. NTS’s 24x7x365 environment management services will take care of your IT infrastructure.

Our business IT solutions will stay on top of your systems so you can prevent future costs and repairs.

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Systems and Networking Monitoring

Even the most basic of IT setups needs a second set of eyes to help keep it running smoothly. NTS will set up active alerts for your systems and networks. Any issues that arise will be investigated and you’ll be notified.

Each time an IT technician catches an issue before it escalates, it gives them the chance to better understand potential risks and improve your security.

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Software Management

The operating systems and 3rd-party applications used by your business are constantly evolving and changing. You shouldn’t let important tasks like system updates fall between the cracks.

Your managed services bundle will include software management services that help keep your systems secure and running efficiently.

Secure Your Software

Mobile Device Management

Every workplace relies on laptops, smart phones, tablets and other tech to keep their business thriving. NTS can help you manage your devices, make fixes, update features and respond to security breaches.

With the help of certified technicians you can ensure your devices are functional, compliant with company standards and safe from cyber attacks.

Manage Your Devices

Expansive IT Plans and a Hardworking Team

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a secure IT environment. If your company needs help taking the load off, NTS offers scaled managed service bundles that can fit to business operations of all sizes.

Each level of service provides a certain degree of security, storage and servicing solutions. Our IT subject matter experts can monitor your systems and prevent and respond to security issues. Your company can protect itself from data breaches, maximize your cyber security and enhance your operations.

NTS works hard to keep your company secure so your IT team can focus on essential tasks and increasing profits. Your small business will have a priority-based Service Level Agreement that puts your pressing problems at the forefront.

As experienced managed IT services providers, our specialists will help you find the right plan for your Henrico business.

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Managed IT Services Bundles For Your Henrico Business

From small local businesses to large enterprises, NTS offers multiple bundle sizes to fit your company’s specific IT needs.

Find a solution that supports your IT team.

Option 1: Security Basics

NTS Security Basic Infrastructure Management and Support

NTS’s first bundle will provide your small business with basic IT infrastructure management and support for your cyber security defenses.

This is a great baseline for technical support that gives your company all the primary features it needs for a proper IT environment. Your bundle will include, but is not limited to:

  • Business Class Email
  • Endpoint Protection Services
  • End User Security Awareness Training
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
  • Layered Security Protection
  • Phone/Remote Support 24x7x365
  • Security Consulting Services
  • Standard BAckup with Options
  • Security Software Hot Fixes, Updates and Patches
  • Vendor Managements for Approved 3rd-Party Vendors

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Option 2: Security Essentials

NTS Security Essentials Infrastructure Management and Support

Midsize to large commercial businesses can benefit from NTS’s essentials bundle, which takes the basics plan to the next level.

Your company will get all the IT infrastructure management and support offerings included in the security basics bundle along with additional upgrades.

With this plan, you will get quality cyber security that gives your IT team much-needed support and time to breathe. This bundle includes, but is not limited to:

  • An Upgraded Email Solution
  • A Deeper End User Security Awareness Training
  • Expanded Storage and Enhanced RTO/RPO Backup Options
  • Mobile Device Security Management
  • More Advanced Infrastructure and Endpoint Protection
  • More Developed Professional Services like Virtual CIO Services

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Option 3: Security Business Advantage

NTS Secure Business Advantage Infrastructure Management and Maintenance

For large businesses and government contractors who need expansive and reliable cyber security protection, our top bundle will give you access to expert IT technicians for infrastructure management and maintenance.

You can protect your livelihood and give your IT team a boost with NTS’s professional services. This premier package offers everything from the basics and essentials bundles along with other services such as:

  • A Comprehensive Suite of Professional Services
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Anti-Spam/Email Security
  • Anti-Virus, AI, Response Data Analytics & Web Content Filtering
  • Enterprise Backup Options
  • Enterprise Class Email
  • End User Security Awareness Training with Premium Content
  • MFA Broad Range of Applications
  • Monthly Security Health Check
  • Outbound Monitoring & Filtering
  • Consulting Included

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Local IT Consultants

NTS is a local business that is dedicated to helping other companies and organizations thrive.

When you partner with NTS, you aren’t working with an oversized corporation. Our team knows each other well and collaborates to bring you the best IT support services possible.

Extra-large IT companies can treat you like just a number and at some point, they’re going to cut costs at your expense.

If your current provider is unable to meet your requests, isn’t making needed repairs, or hasn’t kept your system compliant with government standards or checked in enough then it is time for a change.


Experience the Difference With IT Solutions You Can Trust

Are you just starting Managed IT Services for the first time? The team at NTS will walk you through what security you need and how your IT can stay operational.

Help your company get the business IT solutions it needs and take a load off of any in-house IT personnel. Your staff will get elevated to a strategic role while you rely on IT support for the nitty gritty work.

The best part? NTS specializes in IT Managed Services, so you don’t have to search for multiple providers. Get all of the services you need in one place.

Improve Your IT


Stronger and Safer IT in 5-Steps

The subject matter experts at NTS work to create an individualized managed services plan for your IT. Each business has a unique infrastructure and faces unique challenges. NTS knows you’re going to need personalized support. You can count on excellent customer service and experienced technicians to guide you through any IT issues.

Here is our 5-step process for personalized managed IT solutions:

Through this process, NTS can help take the load off of your IT staff. Without managed services support, you risk overworking your employees and driving them to burn out.

Get In Touch With Our Professionals

This is Ethan!

Ethan is a member of our Network Operations Team, helping provide managed IT services to our client base of over 80 service plans. He helps with network operations, 24/7 monitoring, preventive measures, service desk and tech operations.

“Everything is governed by technology, in some way shape or form it’s being touched by technology – we make sure that your infrastructure runs to help continue your business.”

When you have a technical or cyber security emergency, Ethan is one of the specialists who jumps into action and helps protect companies like yours.


Offering Technology Solutions Throughout Virginia

We service the following cities and surrounding areas in Virginia for IT Managed Services

Alexandria | Arlington | Charlottesville | Chesapeake | Fairfax | Fredericksburg | Henrico | Manassas | Norfolk | Richmond | Roanoke | Virginia Beach


Henrico Managed IT Support Services Providing Your Protection

It’s not a question of if or when you’ll be hacked, it’s a question of how often.

When cyber criminals come after your Henrico business you need security in place to stop the hacks and data backups for the worst case scenarios.

Put your trust in the expertise of those who truly care about your business thriving regardless of the industry. To make it easy, you’ll have access to support 24x7x365.

Get started on your specific needs by contacting us today!

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