Certified Penetration Testing for Lynchburg, VA

Certified Penetration Testing for Lynchburg, VA

Protect Your Data With Certified Pen Testing Services

It’s easier than ever to become the victim of a malicious hack. National enterprises, public services and even small businesses have become popular targets for devastating hacking.

Cyber attacks and data breaches can happen anywhere at any time and you don’t want to be on the losing end.

Once a hacker has access to your network and data, they can hold it hostage in what’s known as a Ransomware attack. They can have free reign with your company data, choosing to steal it outright or install viruses in your hardware.

Your business could be deleted in an instant. Don’t leave your network vulnerable.

Keep it strong and secure through Penetration Testing with NTS’s cyber security team. You’ll work with experienced security experts dedicated to fortifying your network’s defenses against external and internal digital threats.

Cyber Security Network Testing For Businesses in Lynchburg, VA

Internal and external networks without proper security can damage your business without you realizing it until it’s too late. Malicious hackers can easily access your network if unprotected, and from there they install dangerous applications, access important files, and even shut down the network itself.

Cyber security involves proactively planning for these attacks, and upgrading your technology to meet the new tactics created by these hackers. You need to be aware of new and effective security practices, along with impending methods of cyber attack.

If you want to stop a hacker, you have to think like one.

Through Penetration Testing with NTS, your network will be put through the cyber security gauntlet. Your test will be customized to your IT environment, designed to effectively find any vulnerabilities. These tests include the latest in modern hacking techniques, along with proven testing exercises.

You’ll receive a detailed report clearly showing what problems exist, their severity, and how to resolve them in a cost-effective manner. By working with our certified professional IT experts, you can ensure your network is tested to its limit, and then given the strength to defend itself.

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Penetration Testing Services

NTS’s Penetration Testing is able to test for a laundry list of vulnerabilities for Lynchburg businesses through our diverse services. You’ll have a personalized selection of three main modes of pen testing:

Black Box: Testing By Blindfold

Designed to reflect a low level hack, Black Box penetration testing finds surface level vulnerabilities in your network. It reflects how an external source would access your network and what they can affect while logged in.

This scan takes place without credentials and probes the environment without the ability to log into the systems. Results are limited to what can be found via the open ports and weaknesses in configuration of the devices.

This is the same ‘view’ an attacker would have if they simply plugged into an open port on your network and did not have a user/admin account.

This method does not reveal potential vulnerabilities such as unpatched third-party applications, authentication issues, and other network level configuration issues that could affect the security of the network.

White Box: Backend Access and Monitoring

White Box Penetration Testing allows NTS’s team full access to your network. With a comprehensive scan, you can know all the details about your security strengths and weaknesses.

An administrative account provided by the client provides access to Microsoft AD and other Key Systems on the network. NTS personnel do not need to know the password as the administrative team member can enter it directly into the scanner.

The benefit of trusted scanning is accuracy and thoroughness.

The scanner attaches to each workstation or server and performs an analysis of the registry, installed software and configuration of the device.

This is the most thorough method of analysis and results in the most accurate assessment of the environment.

Gray Box: Trusted and Unintrusive

Gray box testing is considered to be non-intrusive and unbiased because it does not require that the tester have access to the source code. That’s why it’s often called “cooperative pen testing.”

With respect to internal processes, gray box testing treats a program as a black box that must be analyzed from the outside.

During a gray box test, the person may know how the system components interact but not have detailed knowledge about internal program functions and operation.

A clear distinction exists between the developer and the tester, thereby minimizing the risk of personnel conflicts

Your IT Environment Determines The Scope Of Service

Thanks to our variety of expertise and personalized service, our pen testing capabilities can meet your specific needs.

Once we understand your IT environment, we can test these operations:

The scope of these test depends on what operations you specialize in.

Certified Experts in Cyber Security On Your Side

Available for businesses in Lynchburg, VA, NTS’s staff of cyber security experts bring decades of experience to your company’s penetration tests. They specialize in a variety of hardware, software and networks, along with many security measures and best practices.

Our certifications are consistently updated to meet new IT demands and account for advances in cyber security technology. As such, your pen test will be customized to your needs.

Your IT environment and IT network are unique, and you need to ensure it’s equipped to meet common and uncommon threats in your industry.

You don’t have to worry about getting bogged down in technical jargon either. You’ll receive a detailed report that clearly states what tests we performed, what vulnerabilities we found and what cost-conscious solutions we recommend.

Most of all, we’re passionate about cyber security. We’re dedicated to safeguarding your company from cyber attacks and data breaches.

The better your security, the more well protected your livelihood.


Penetration Testing Services in Virginia

NTS services the following cities and surrounding areas in Virginia for Penetration Testing:

Alexandria | Annandale | Arlington | Ashburn | Blacksburg | Burke | Centreville | Charlottesville | Chesapeake | Dale City | Danville | Fairfax | Fredericksburg | Hampton | Harrisonburg | Henrico | Lake Ridge | Leesburg | Linton Hall | Lynchburg | Manassas | McLean | Mechanicsville | Newport News | Norfolk | Portsmouth | Reston | Richmond | Roanoke | Suffolk | Virginia Beach | Woodbridge


Keep Internal and External Threats Out

By collaborating with NTS’s penetration testing staff, you’re guaranteeing your network receives a comprehensive examination. Through decades of experience, dozens of certifications and a dedication to security, you can rest easy knowing your business’s network is in good hands.

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