Proactive Managed IT Services For Norfolk VA

Proactive Managed IT Services For Norfolk VA

IT Isn’t Just For Larger Businesses

If you’re a business owner, you know that there is never enough time in the day. Between marketing, budgeting and keeping your employees happy it can seem impossible to keep up with the ever-evolving world of IT. But when you need help troubleshooting or repairing an issue from minor to major security breaches – without a dedicated IT staff – your business could be at risk for lost time and money.

You no longer have to sacrifice necessary services in order to save on overhead costs because we offer customized managed services designed specifically for businesses like yours who don’t want the headaches that come with running their own technology.

We offer comprehensive and flexible IT managed services for all industries and business sizes. You’ll have access to expert technicians that will monitor and swiftly fix technology problems in your company 24×7.

We promise to actively meet your needs so that you can confidently focus on growing your company.

A Different Approach To Managed Services

Most business owners know that a company’s success is largely dependent on the IT infrastructure. That means you need to hire someone to take care of your computers and servers, or you should find an outside firm to handle all your IT needs. But what if hiring a full-time staff person is not feasible? What if your in-house IT expert needs a break from time to time? What if you want more than one opinion when it comes to solving problems?

You can trust NTS for reliable, customized managed services.

We will work with you so that we understand your current technology environment and develop long term solutions together. We’ll monitor your software and hardware proactively so that any problem can be solved before it becomes too big of an issue, and we can even help you develop a disaster recovery plan so that your company stays up and running in case of any unforeseen circumstances. We work with business owners just like yourself to customize our strategies for success to meet the needs of your company.

We’ll take care of all your tech needs so that you can focus on what you do best: surpassing the competition.

Managed Services We Offer

Managed services are specifically designed for businesses like yours, which have their own way of using technology to run operations, manage assets and make processes as efficient as possible. With a focus on responsiveness and flexibility, you can be confident that your plan covers exactly what your business needs.

24x7 Service Desk

Access to our team who will solve any and all of your IT problems big and small. They will answer your calls 24×7 and can be reached via email or chat. Our staff is made up of experienced and trained IT specialists who are ready to help you with any IT issue you may have.

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Systems and Networking Monitoring

The software and hardware will be updated and safe through proactive monitoring, which solves problems such as data management or underlying issues. This service ensures that the data management doesn’t stop production which means less downtime and more work getting done.

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Data Backup Recovery

Data and storage backup is essential for any business. You could lose thousands of vital documents and client records. Our environment-specific backup solutions secure your data through a variety of means. They’re encrypted and easy to access in case of emergencies, quickly getting your business back on track.

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Software Management

Keep your software, hardware, and 3rd-party applications up to date to safeguard against cybersecurity breaches and ensure that your operations run efficiently. The IT staff at NTS maintains constant monitoring of all of your technology to ensure that they are up to date and functioning properly.

You won’t have to worry about a meeting being delayed or obsolete technology jeopardizing your valuable data.

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Systems and Network Management

Your hardware helps run your business, and you need to make sure it’s working at all times. A proactive approach to your IT infrastructure will come from our 24×7 monitoring of your physical IT environment. This way, you can free up time and money from having to deal with technology repairs and costs.

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Mobile Device Management

As a business owner, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on all of your mobile devices and make sure they are compatible with your software. We make this process easy by making sure you always have the latest software. Give your employees access to the right tools without worrying about overhead time.

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Creating a Personalized Managed Service Plan

Our staff of skilled IT subject specialists at NTS will begin by getting to know you and your organization. Your company will have the IT support it needs at all times through a tried-and-true 5-step method.

  1.       You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager. They will first establish a rapport with you by speaking directly with you to discover and comprehend your company’s particular requirements.
  2.       Once you’ve expressed your needs, the team begins an audit of your work setting. This is used to set expectations and better understand the scope of your environment.
  3.       After the audit is finished, we’ll meet with you to create a bespoke contract that meets your unique demands. You’ll only receive the services you require, with room for future expansion.
  4.       Create a run book, which specifies the particular information on your devices and programs that we use to assist you.
  5.       Our partnership is long-term and continuous, with frequent monitoring of your environment, assisting when necessary, and developing together with you and your company.

This process is designed to establish a connection with you in order to better comprehend your own problems. By implementing this approach, you may quickly solve your IT issues while allowing your company to focus on developing strong client relationships.


Secure IT Managed Service Bundles Help You Reduce Your Worries

Most organizations require unique IT solutions to ensure that their technology is running smoothly and efficiently. Your IT infrastructure can’t be confined to a box.

That’s why, together, you will work with our IT subject matter specialists who are certified to help you pick the best solution for your needs. You can discover the ideal answer for your business by browsing our list of bundles.

From the Security Basics option to the Security Business Advantage bundle, you are guaranteed priority-based Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to allow our team to focus on and give attention to your most critical issues, first. You may rest easy knowing that we’ll handle your security issues with the urgency and care they deserve.


 Managed Services Bundles

As your business graduates through the bundles, you’ll be able to receive special service-level agreements, increased professional services and easier access to IT specialists.

Option 1: Security Basics

NTS Security Basic Infrastructure Management and Support

This bundle offers baseline cyber security protections and IT environment management. It provides the bare minimum required for security when it comes to protecting your IT environment. The bundle includes 24x7x365 access to our local IT subject matter experts as well as access to our professional services to keep your infrastructure supported.

Option 2: Security Essentials

NTS Security Essentials Infrastructure Management and Support

This plan is designed to offer the best cyber security for the average commercial IT environment. It includes improved data backup support and improved SLA measures. Along with everything included in the previous bundle, this plan includes better security measures and an improved SLA. With this bundle, you’ll have access to more advanced professional services including access to virtual CIO.

Option 3: Security Business Advantage

NTS Secure Business Advantage Infrastructure Management and Maintenance

This bundle is the best for those looking for absolute proactive cyber security. Along with the protections and services offered by the two previous bundles, this one provides top-tier security measures, data backup and recovery along with more direct access to our IT subject matter experts. With this bundle, you’ll receive access to the most comprehensive security management and virtual CISO services available.

Let Us Take Care of IT

A managed IT service may help any business or organization, but not everyone has the financial means to do so. Allow NTS’s domestic staff of technology and security experts to relieve your hardware and software problems.

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