Professional IT Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Professional IT Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Technical IT Support Services for Your Virginia Beach Company

As your business grows, your technology needs to grow with it. You can’t have one simple internal network system if your company spreads across the country.

Outdated and overworked IT can’t keep up with productivity demands and will slow your progress. Even worse, straining your technology can lead to increased risks, such as:

  • Severe security breaches
  • Limited storage space for company files, email and data
  • Exhausted vital network resources

When your infrastructure is struggling and you need an effective solution, NTS’s Professional IT Services provide the technical IT support your business needs to get itself off the ground.

As leading IT providers in Virginia Beach, VA, NTS’s subject matter experts are fully equipped to provide consulting work that assists your current staff and handles your projects with efficiency and care. Stay on top of your technology with proper software and hardware lifecycle management.

Certified IT Professionals in Virginia Beach, VA

No matter the size of your business, your IT projects require capable hands that can offer varying levels of assistance for your technology goals. By partnering with NTS’s professional IT services team, you’ll receive personalized solutions that fit your specific needs.

Whether you’re a small business trying to create its first IT infrastructure or a multi-building enterprise looking to transition into cloud services, we have what it takes.

NTS’s IT specialists in VA Beach can upgrade your network, reduce your hardware, expand your data backup plan and so much more.

Our IT professionals understand that every company is unique, which is why our process involves scoping your existing technology and identifying your needs ahead of time. That way you receive the right services, customized to fit your specific infrastructure and performance requirements.

If your IT is sound but your company is lacking the staff to take care of it, our talent acquisition services can help you find the best people to join your team.

Whatever your IT needs are, NTS can offer effective technical support services.

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Long Term Solutions for Your Technology

There are always ways to improve your IT infrastructure, whether through network upgrades or hardware expansion. If your VA Beach company doesn’t currently have the resources to get you there, NTS can help you with your projects. Our variety of IT services include:


Reduce operational costs and improve your business’s efficiency by consolidating your resources and unifying your technology for seamless communication. With software defined networking, you free up your machines and make their tasks easier.

NTS’s virtualization services can improve your data, desktop, servers, operating systems and network functions.

Optimize Your Technology

Technical Services

Is your company’s technology having issues? Whether your IT is suffering from a one-time difficulty or you need assistance mitigating ongoing problems, NTS’s IT providers can take a look and find a solution.

Our IT Service Delivery can help you design, develop and deploy your own services to meet client service-level agreements (SLAs) without delay.

Get Better Tech

Surplus Services

Your company collects various different technologies and equipment as it grows and replaces outdated devices. You can’t just get rid of your IT – any data stored on these machines must be destroyed and deemed inaccessible first.

Don’t let old equipment take up room in your storage closets out of fear for your data. Let NTS properly dispose of them in a way that protects your information and the environment.

Get Rid of Old Devices


Both your internal and external networks are essential for your business’s daily operations. NTS can help you set up a brand new network with a complex system or improve and manage your current one. Our network engineers and architects can optimize your operations and keep them performing at top efficiency.

Enhance Your Networks

Talent Acquisition

The hiring process can be time-consuming and difficult. If your business needs more technology professionals but can’t commit to the hiring process, NTS’s IT talent acquisition team can handle all of your recruitment needs.

As a professional IT company, we know all the right questions to ask to find you the perfect fit.

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Professional Process for Monitoring and Managing Your IT

There is no cookie-cutter solution for IT. Your company has to put time and effort into developing a technology environment that works for your specific operations.

When NTS joins your team, our goal isn’t to change your current system – we strive to understand and improve it.

In order to create the most effective and efficient solution for your IT, you’re included in every part of the process. Your professional service contract revolves around accomplishing your specific objectives. Our approach involves:

  1. Meeting to discuss your company’s goals and technology needs
  2. Conducting an audit of your current IT environment to understand its scale
  3. Collaborating to create a clear and effective contract
  4. Working closely to complete the project
  5. Continuing the partnership after the project with regular check-ins and reports

As unique as your company is, so are your projects. Our process may evolve over time as our network engineers see what works, but you’ll always know what’s going on with your systems through regular project updates. Transparency is key to a successful project.

Promoting Productivity in the Workplace

NTS’s professional IT services team strives to create a solid foundation for your IT infrastructure, whether that involves simple updates or starting from the ground up. Our subject matter experts follow a hands-on approach that creates flexible and personalized contracts for your project.

For a more permanent solution, our IT talent acquisition team can find the right people to join your staff full-time and manage your networking systems.

If your company in Virginia Beach has technology that’s struggling to keep up, NTS is happy to take on your software and hardware lifecycle management. Schedule a meeting with us today and elevate your company’s productivity through technical IT support.


Monitor and Maintain Your IT Through Proper Asset Management

When your current technology and network systems are not meeting your expectations, NTS can revamp your entire IT environment.


Our professional IT services team works with your Virginia Beach company to create the perfect solution.

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