Reliable IT Software Management for Healthcare Facilities in Charlottesville, VA

Reliable IT Software Management for Healthcare Facilities in Charlottesville, VA

When time is of the essence, your Charlottesville healthcare facility can’t ignore IT.

Seconds matter when helping a patient in a dire situation. You need vital patient records, medical information and health equipment. Without these essential electronic operations, you wouldn’t be as effective at saving lives.

If your healthcare software or hardware is outdated and becomes a victim of malware, your ability to help people is seriously hindered. Without proper updates or security, you’re leaving your equipment open to sluggish loading and your facility open to dangerous cyber incidents.

To protect your facility’s reputation and keep your patients safe, you need a reliable IT partner. With 24x7x365 active monitoring from subject matter experts, NTS provides healthcare clinics with proactive software management. By trusting our team to keep you safe and compliant, you can focus on keeping your patients safe and healthy.

Customized Software Management and Monitoring Services

No two healthcare facilities are quite the same. Whether you’re a specialty clinic or a large multi-building hospital, you have a unique combination of software and hardware.

Without a standardized management system for your IT environment, it can be impossible to find which piece of tech is vulnerable to threats. By relying on NTS’s software management, you can rest easy knowing all your technology will be safe and secure.

You’ll receive a customized solution built around your specific IT environment. By working directly with you and your team, we create a management system that monitors your existing hardware and software and alerts us when something needs to be patched. Combined with other third-party and cloud vendors that take care of upgrading your software, your systems will be able to keep up with the healthcare industry.

Through proactive practices and 24x7x365 monitoring, you can guarantee your technology will be at max efficiency.

We have the capability to provide services such as:

Keep Your Charlottesville Clinic Compliant and Secure

Managing a healthcare facility’s software is a full-time job. Not only do you need to keep a large system of interconnected software and hardware up-to-date, but you also need to keep them compliant.

If your IT solution provider doesn’t adhere to these regulations, your reputation could be on the line.

NTS’s staff has experience in the healthcare industry helping facilities remain secure and compliant. Through our active management, your systems can be better protected. With the time saved during information retrieval and equipment usage, you can spend more time helping your patients.

Benefits of NTS’s software management include:

  • Remain compliant
  • Minimize downtime and overhead
  • Improve efficiency
  • Save time and money
  • Detect concerns earlier
  • Improve cyber security
  • Reduce threat vectors

Streamlined Support Built for Your Healthcare Needs

No matter how large or small your technology environment is, you need an easy way to manage it. Without a standardized method of monitoring and implementing changes, your vulnerable hardware or software could fall through the cracks.

NTS’s initial process relies on your industry and facility expertise. Through detailed interviews and on-site visits, we create a solution tailor-made to keep your environment compliant and secure.

Our healthcare IT process includes:

  1. Understanding specific technology environments
  2. Setting up an Active Alert System (includes collaborating with current IT staff if applicable)
  3. Actively monitoring your software and hardware
  4. Investigating possible issues if detected by the alert system
  5. Proactively applying updates
  6. Resolving your problem
  7. Logging the previous problem
  8. Analyzing the data for pattern

This standardized process ensures your solution will constantly be improved and allows for faster response times. Overall, your team can worry less about their software not meeting industry standards.

Domestic Healthcare IT Experts Available 24x7x365

By partnering with NTS for your software management needs, your Charlottesville healthcare facility can efficiently help more patients.

Your specialized team consists of domestic IT subject matter experts with a variety of training and experience. Most importantly, we’re passionate about IT, using our knowledge to support the healthcare clinics that support our communities.

You’ll have access to us 24x7x365, ensuring all your cyber security concerns will be met in a timely and efficient manner. With fast response times, we can resolve many issues before you realize they’re even happening.

We’ve been helping Charlottesville, VA businesses manage and improve their IT environments for decades. From healthcare facilities to industrial factories, our varied experience allows us to meet your standards. Our continued training and cutting-edge practices mean we can go above your expectations.


Long Term Partnerships for Long Term Software Solutions

Software management from the IT professionals at NTS can ensure your Charlottesville healthcare facility stays compliant. Through proactive solutions provided by subject matter experts, you and your clinic can worry less about cyber attacks and vulnerabilities and more about your patients.

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