Skilled IT Cyber Security Services in Fredericksburg, VA

Skilled IT Cyber Security Services in Fredericksburg, VA

No matter what your business does, it has valuable company and client data that can put you at risk for a cyber attack. Your data is profitable and we want to make sure it stays yours. NTS will take that concern off your plate and work to protect your internal network and company files.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, your business becomes more at risk of a cyber security attack. It happens to companies large and small everyday. Your company is your livelihood and many others, don’t let it become just another cyber security statistic.

If your business isn’t taking protective measures and designing a security approach based on government standards:

  • Your data and your client’s information could be jeopardized without warning.
  • You could face un-payable fees.
  • Your entire operation could be suddenly shut down.
  • Your reputation could take a major hit.

Get help protecting your company’s digital future.

Join forces with the NTS IT cyber security technicians in Fredericksburg to defend your hard work. You’re passionate about your company and we are passionate about protecting IT. The staff at NTS is a certified and highly experienced team ready to meet all of your cyber security needs. Even if the unthinkable happens and your company is attacked, we will be there to keep your data safe and business operational.

Keep Your Business in The Clear and Ahead of the Curve

NTS isn’t the only one who wants to keep your Fredericksburg business safe, there are also various regulations you must follow to secure company data. Don’t let your growing cloud and databases be compromised.

These cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common, making security more crucial than ever before.

It is likely that your business is not fully secure, the NTS cyber security experts are able to find those weaknesses using the same tactics as hackers. We fortify your technology and network to keep the real hackers out.

As you partner with NTS we will identify any cyber security weaknesses and plan on how to improve your defense. We will also find what security measures are already working to keep your information protected.


Thorough Cyber Security Services in Fredericksburg

NTS provides security from external and internal threats in order to ensure wide-scale protection. Your cyber security infrastructure will meet government requirements, our high standards and your business needs. NTS has a wide range of IT security services provided by skilled subject matter experts.


We can ensure your web presence meets requirements such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), HIPAA and HITECH. Any data security standards violations will be identified so we can work on affordable suggestions to get your business up to code.

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Data Loss Prevention

Keep your data secure on relevant devices and cloud services by using automated monitoring and validated response processes with NTS. We will keep your valuable information protected from outside and internal access.

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Security Vulnerability

NTS does vulnerability assessments to evaluate the best way to keep your business safe from evolving threats. Threats change and your IT systems could become at risk of attacks. Our services keep your protection measures up to date.

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NTS engineers can craft a thorough cyber security plan to meet your company’s unique needs. Our services can be adjusted to accommodate businesses of any size.

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Penetration Testing

Your business’s cyber security undergoes meticulous testing to find any security weaknesses. After your test is performed, you will be given an in-depth report of any problems and instructions on how to correct them.

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Incident Response

Immediate incident response can make a massive difference in protecting your data during a cyber attack. If you experience unauthorized access, we can step in and offer top of the line protection.

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Network Security

Keep your internal and external networks safe from cyber threats with our active network security services. Our services will adjust to your company’s requests and any advancements in technology.

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NTS can work with you and your company to ensure you have the most effective protocols to prevent hacks. We will assess your cyber security efforts to find any weaknesses and address them along with other security needs.

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Making a Commitment to Your Continuous Safety

NTS ensures that all of our IT services are completed without ever jeopardizing the confidentiality, integrity or availability of our clients. These 3 core principles are also known as the CIA Triangle or CIA Triad. We are committed to following these:

  • Confidentiality: Addresses protecting information from unwanted users. This means information access will be limited to authorized users and services.
  • Integrity: Assuring that sensitive data has not been changed or removed in an unauthorized and undetected manner.
  • Availability: Guarantees that information can be utilized and viewed by the client.

It is necessary for businesses to protect themselves from cyber attacks. NTS helps our clients block unauthorized access, modifications, publications or elimination of data and information systems. Your information is subject to attacks, as well as accidents, we can make sure it is secure regardless of the threat.

Don’t put your income and business at risk, employ the correct security measures and an expert team ready to follow the CIA Triangle.

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Qualified and Knowledgeable Providers Securing Your IT

The NTS team has a number of certifications in IT and digital security. All cyber security professionals are required to obtain certain certifications, but our passionate workers have been certified in additional fields. Together, our technicians have the following IT certifications:

Security Experts Teamed Up to Help Your Company

IT industry certifications only start to describe the expertise and skills possessed by NTS cyber security technicians. With decades of combined experience, the team is composed of lifelong learners. These passionate experts stay up to date on the newest ways to protect your business. NTS has been working in Virginia for 25 years. We’ve maintained a long standing commitment to finding new security practices, using effective equipment and striving to surpass industry standards.

Our team includes:


Fredericksburg Cyber Security for Whenever You Need IT

When you work with NTS, you are hiring cyber security consultants with vast industry experience and unmatched dedication. Our technicians offer unique benefits for companies looking to secure their data. We offer:

  • Scalable cyber security services tailored to each company’s needs. Regardless of if you have a small business or a large corporation, we can protect you from malicious activity.
  • Thorough testing processes to find any cyber security vulnerabilities or issues.
  • Passion and dedication to cyber security so we can do exactly what is needed to protect your company.
  • Improved breach detection to monitor your infrastructure for attacks even your anti-virus can miss.
  • Proactive solutions that defend your data and information from current and future threats.
  • Password strengthening  guidance including two-factor authentication to amp up your security.
  • In-depth cyber security planning for any attacks or outages.
  • Instant responses to act on cyber attacks while they’re still happening to prevent more potential loss.
  • Reliable data backups to prevent information and productivity loss due to accidents or hacks.
  • Transparent processes that show you how we protect your data and limit its accessibility.
  • Commitment to security of your data and information.
  • Regular reporting to ensure you’re aware of the cyber security measures taken to protect your business.
  • Bundled Managed Services allows you to get a variety of IT services without neglecting security efforts.

Entrusting NTS with your cyber security approach will save yourself money and time. It can keep you safe from a cyber attack and take that responsibility off of your shoulders. We will make sure you are educated on all of the cyber security tactics that you need.

Throughout the process, your company and NTS will work together to keep data safe. Your team will be set up with the information they need to work safely.


How NTS Assesses Your Cyber Security

NTS has been scanning businesses for security threats since 1999. Our team can manage risk for your local Fredericksburg business and beyond. All of our cyber security clients get their framework evaluated to ensure they meet a number of leading industry standards. 

Here is the list of framework assessments we provide to every client: 

  • NIST SP 800-53: Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations
  • NIST SP 800-171: For protecting the confidentiality of Controlled Unclassified Information
  • ISECOM’s OSSTMM: Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
  • OISSG’S ISSAF: Open Information Systems Security GRoup Information Systems Security Assessment Framework
  • OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks: The Open Web Application Security Project
  • SANS CIS 20: SANS Center for Internet Security 
  • MIRE ATT&CK Matrix: Adversary Attack Chain Simulation 

Put Your Cyber Protection in Experienced Hands

Your Fredericksburg company deserves top of the line digital protection. Don’t settle for less than cyber security experts who are committed to protecting your data.

You need our cyber security in Fredericksburg. Get the staff of cyber security experts your business deserves.

Contact us to get started securing your livelihood now. We will work with you to determine what services are best for your company.


Serving Fredericksburg Businesses

NTS has comprehensive services and certified security technicians that can ensure your cyber security process meets your specific needs.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss how we can safeguard your business.

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