Samuel S. Panicker

Chief Information Security Officer

Samuel S. Panicker specializes in cyber security and data protection. He has held the role of information security officer for the last 24 years at various companies including a Fortune 100 energy corporation and the terrestrial support organization for a company launching low earth orbital satellites off the ocean.

Sam often speaks and teaches at security conferences around the world such as Black Hat. He instills “A healthy level of paranoia” into all of the teams that he mentors and he is actively pursuing his PHD in Cyber Security.

Mr. Panicker is currently the Chief Information Security officer for NTS, where he regularly leads deep dive penetration testing, network security assessments, and Independent Verification & Validation of best practices for various clients .

A few examples of the clients that Sam regularly works with include international airports, local governments, hospitals, law firms, universities, military weaponry automation, and aerospace engineering firms.

Leadership Team

Bernard Robinson
Mark Brandon
Brent Kranda
Carol Nitz