Lifecycle Services Based in Richmond, VA

Lifecycle Services Based in Richmond, VA

Your computers are oftentimes the equipment within your workplace that keeps your business alive. It has all the integral pieces of your business. Storing records, files, data, and more, your computer is home to the very foundations of your company. 

At NTS, our Field Services division offers Lifecycle Services for the entire lifespan of your PC.  Certified technicians service and maintain your computer from birth to death, cradle to grave, installation to elimination.

Quality and Inclusive IT Lifecycle Processes

When you get a fleet of new computers, you need certified technicians to help properly assemble, structure, install and monitor your equipment. This type of maintenance ensures that your workplace equipment stays in tip-top shape and measures at a high-quality performance level.

Without it, your workplace could be functioning at a less productive rate, creating more overhead time, and, in turn, losing on substantial profit.

You don’t want that. No one wants that.

And it’s exactly the reason why our team provides top-tier service.

When you use NTS to manage your equipment throughout its lifespan, we:

  • Bring in new equipment to meet your specific criteria
  • Image it, stage it, tag it
  • Install and service it through its lifespan (typically 3 – 5 years).

When your equipment reaches the end of its life, our team securely disposes of it. We ensure your data and your information is not at risk of exposure.

The security of the private files, documents and other data related to your business, company or organization is of the highest importance.

Disposing of Your IT Equipment

Detail-oriented and security-minded, our team follows a thorough process in safely disposing your equipment and keeping your data secured.

Our process goes like this:

  1. Our team of technicians takes the equipment back to the warehouse.
  2. The equipment goes through a proper chain of custody to keep track of the equipment’s whereabouts.
  3. DODs wipe the software, meaning they wipe all the data from your equipment.
  4. We generate a certificate that certifies and proves the data on your devices has been destroyed.
  5. We either donate or trash the equipment (this choice is entirely up to you).
  6. We keep detailed records of where and how the PC equipment is disposed of or donated.
  7. We put in a new and improved operating system for your business.

You can rest assured that your devices have been wiped clean and our certificates prove your data is completely gone from the device. If you decide to donate the equipment, our team takes care of it and provides tax documentation so you can write it off for the year.

Leasing Technological Equipment for Your Workplace in Richmond, VA

At NTS, our team offers operating leasing options for equipment. If you and your workplace require temporary equipment to lease, we’ve got you covered.

When the equipment has done its job for your business, our team of subject matter experts and technicians make sure the equipment is functioning as it should, wipe it of your private data, and return it back to the leasing company.

We take care of all your business equipment so you don’t have to.



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