April 14th – Look up at the sky day!

On April 14, Look Up At The Sky Day encourages us to admire the beauty above us. On this day we all hope for good weather and an opportunity to fill our eyes with the sky from horizon to horizon.

There are many things that you can see as you sit back, relax and look up. The sky’s beautiful blue color, the clouds, and their many shapes. Perhaps the sun (maybe peeking through the clouds), and many different birds flying around captures our attention. At night, the skies many stars, the moon, and even the clouds drifting across the sky.

Spend time watching the clouds. Note the different shapes and how they move. At night, investigate the stars. Search the heavens for constellations, planets and the Milkyway. Watch for a meteor shower or a single falling star. Over the horizon, an aurora borealis might begin to dance bringing on a beautiful show.