Your Comprehensive Managed IT Bundles Based in Richmond, VA


Solving Your Unique Ongoing Tech Problems

Your Comprehensive Managed IT Bundles Based in Richmond, VA


Solving Your Unique Ongoing Tech Problems

Multifold Secure Managed Service Bundles

Accelerating and controlling growth, security and stability, the Managed Services bundle options allow business owners to have reduced risk and minimized liability from any data breach.

By finding and addressing infrastructure, device, service or application vulnerabilities, our certified technicians identify and report high-risk and personally identifiable data on both company devices and storage systems. Without a dedicated IT staff, you could cost your business precious overhead time and money.

NTS offers comprehensive and flexible IT managed service bundles for businesses of all industries and sizes. You’ll have 24x7x365 access to expert technicians that monitor and proactively fix any technology issues that may arise within your work environment.

We promise to actively secure your business’s technology so you can confidently focus on your business and increasing operational efficiencies.

NTS can help you reduce your future data breach risk profile, improve your technology security posture, operational effectiveness and performance. These improvements free you and your staff, allowing you to focus on higher-priority and strategic business growth.

Managed Service Bundles For You

From our knowledge and experience with comparable clients, we collaborate with and introduce secure technology services and solutions that help achieve faster efficiencies, streamlined workflows and increased success with anticipated ROIs for your business.

Option 1: Security Basics

NTS Security Basics Infrastructure Management and Support bundle includes, but is not limited to:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
  • Business Class Email
  • Standard Backup with Options
  • Comprehensive Endpoint Protection Services
  • Layered Security Protection
  • Security Software Hot Fixes, Updates and Patches
  • Vendor Management for approved 3rd-Party Vendors
  • End User Security Awareness Training
  • Phone/Remote Support 24x7x365
  • Security Consulting Services Included

Option 3: Security Business Advantage

NTS Security High Availability Business Advantage bundle includes all services in Options 1 and 2 with additional services including, but not limited to:

  • Enterprise Class Email
  • MFA Broad Range of Applications
  • End User Security Awareness Training with Premium Content
  • Monthly Security Health Check
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Anti-Virus, AI, Response Data Analytics & Web Content Filtering
  • Anti-Spam/Email Security
  • Outbound Monitoring & Filtering
  • Enterprise Backup Options
  • A Comprehensive Suite of Professional Services
  • Consulting Included

Option 2: Security Essentials

NTS Security Essentials Infrastructure Management and Support bundle includes all services in Option 1 with additional services including, but not limited to:

  • A More Robust and Advanced Email Solution
  • Increased Storage and Improved RTO/RPO Backup Options
  • Higher Levels of Infrastructure and Endpoint Protection
  • In-Depth End User Security Awareness Training
  • Mobile Device Security Management
  • More Advanced Professional Services like Virtual CIO Services

Safety Values for Your IT Managed Services

These services are designed to provide cybersecurity support to anticipate and prevent IT security problems before they occur. Built upon the successful installation and configuration of technologies, the Service Provider’s Helpdesk Team, Professional Services Team, Security Operations Center (SOC) Team and the Network Operations Center (NOC) Team monitor and maintain all critical technology systems.


Managed Service IT Solutions

From the technicians in the NOC and the analysts in the SOC to the management of your passwords and emails to DNS protection, and everything in between, our specialists offer comprehensive countermeasures for all managed service needs.

DNS Protection

By redirecting users’ web traffic through our cloud-based DNS security solution, we can finely tune and enforce web access policies, ensure regulatory compliance and stop most threats at the network’s edge.

Password Management

Our secure password management tool is the ideal way for businesses and individuals to safely store and access complex, unique passwords for each Website and Portal used by you and your employees.

Passwords can be organized and stored in separate folders so that each team member has access to only the passwords they need to perform their work. Passwords are easily accessible through a mobile app and a browser plug-in, so you can create unique complex passwords for each of your online accounts, further improving security and reducing your risk.

Email Security Management

Our email security service blocks viruses and volume-based attacks before they reach your computers and network.

Dark Web Scanning and Monitoring

Dark Web Scanning and Monitoring for Client’s IT Domain will be provided through remote means by Service Provider to Client. Access to the Service Provider Help Desk by authorized personnel is made by opening a service request via Service Provider’s online portal at: YOUR SUPPORT URL or calling Service Provider’s Help Desk in the event of Internet outage at (123) 456-7890. Dark Web Monitoring Services will be provided 24x7x365.

24x7x365 Monitoring and Alerting with Incident Response and Escalation (SOC Services)

When a potential threat is identified through our security event monitoring service, the threat analysts at our Security Operations Center (SOC) triage every alert and escalate real threats to a security incident response technician to take immediate action.

Human Firewall

When it comes to your security posture in any IT environment, your employees are your most critical link for protection. As your last line of defense, you need your workforce personnel to be effectively trained as additional security layers when attacks break through technical filters.

From new employee orientation to routine refresher training, our ongoing program ensures your staff has the knowledge necessary to keep your security posture strong and ahead of your attackers.

Endpoint Protection, Active Threat Detection

Our endpoint security monitoring tools continuously collects and analyzes metadata about every application scheduled to automatically execute when a computer boots up or a user logs in. It immediately alerts us the moment it detects an unusual activity or login.


Our anti-spam service greatly reduces the amount of spam your users will receive and we provide an email quarantine area that users can access to safely review emails that may be spam before releasing them to their Outlook mailbox.

Let Us Worry About IT

Every business and company can benefit from a dedicated managed IT service, but not every business has the means to do so. Let NTS’s local team of technology and security experts relieve your hardware and software woes.

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