Comprehensive Managed IT Services Based in Richmond, VA


Solving Your Unique Ongoing Tech Problems

Comprehensive Managed IT Services Based in Richmond, VA


Solving Your Unique Ongoing Tech Problems

Quality IT Isn’t Just For The Big Companies

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate as it is. Between planning your marketing strategy, managing your budget, and keeping your employees efficient, it can seem impossible to also keep up with the ever-evolving world of tech.

Any tech issues, from minor troubleshooting to a major security breach, can derail your workday. Without a dedicated IT staff, you could cost your business precious overhead time and money.

NTS offers comprehensive and flexible IT managed services for all industries and business sizes. You’ll have 24×7 access to expert technicians that monitor and proactively fix technology issues across your business.

We promise to actively meet your business’s technology needs so you can confidently focus on keeping your business successful.

A Different Approach to Managed Services

You gain a partner in IT by working with NTS, adapting to your current technology environment to offer long term solutions.

Whether you can’t justify hiring on a full IT help desk team, need to give your IT person a break, or need more minds available for possible issues, your company can have IT help available anytime, anywhere.

Rest easy at night knowing you have a team of IT technicians vigilantly monitoring your software and hardware. By proactively solving problems, you don’t have to worry about any technological concerns.

Spend less time fixing problems, and focus more on what matters: rising above your competitors.


Managed Services We Offer

Our managed services will create a customized IT managed services plan based on your business’s specific needs. With a focus on responsiveness and flexibility, you can be confident that your plan covers exactly what your business needs.

24x7 Service Desk

Access to a dedicated staff of experienced and trained IT specialists, your staff will have instant answers to their specific IT problems. They can call, email, or chat with our team 24×7 to solve any issues big and small

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Data Backup Recovery

Data and storage loss can be devastating for any business. You could lose thousands of vital documents and client records. Your environment-specific data backup and recovery solutions secure your data through a variety of means. They’re encrypted and easy to access in case of emergency, getting your business back on track in no time flat.

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Systems and Network Management

Your hardware runs your business, and you need to make sure it’s working at all times. Proactive solutions come from our 24×7 environment monitoring of your physical IT infrastructure. You save the company time and money on technology repairs and costs.

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Systems and Networking Monitoring

Your software and hardware will stay updated and safe through proactive monitoring of your environment, which solves problems before they become problems. This service ensures data management or underlying issues don’t stop production. That means less downtime and more work getting done.

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Software Management

Necessary updates to your software, hardware and 3rd party applications keep you safe from cybersecurity breaches and keep your operations running smoothly. NTS’s IT staff monitors all your technology to make sure they’re updated and running efficiently. Never worry about an update delaying a meeting or old technology compromising your valuable data.

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Mobile Device Management

As mobile devices become the norm, it can be difficult to manage all of them and keep them up-to-date. Never worry again as our mobile experts make sure your devices are concurrent with your software standards. Give your employees the tools they need without losing any time.

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Creating a Managed Service Plan That’s Right For You

NTS’s team of expert IT subject experts work to understand your unique needs first and foremost. Through a tried and true 5-step process, your business will have the tech support it needs at all times.

  1. You are assigned a dedicated account manager. They start by building a relationship, talking with you directly to identify and understand your business’s select needs.
  2. Once your needs are understood, the team begins an audit of your work environment. This is used to establish expectations and better understand the scope for your environment.
  3. Once the audit is complete, you will talk with us to create a customized contract that fulfills your specific needs. You’ll only have the services you need, with room for upscaling in the future.
  4. Start the onboarding process by creating a run book, which details the specific information about your devices and software that we refer to so as to better help you.
  5. Our relationship continues through constant monitoring of your environment, assisting whenever needed, and growing with you and your business.

This process is focused on building a relationship with you to better understand your unique and evolving problems. By following this method, your IT concerns can be met without delay so your business can focus on building your own strong client relationships.


Worry Less with Secure IT Managed Service Bundles

Every business requires unique IT solutions to keep their technology efficient and reliable. Your IT environment can’t be stuffed into a box.

That’s why you’ll work with our certified IT subject matter experts to determine the right solution for you. By reviewing our list of bundles, you can find the perfect solution for your operation.

From the Security Basics option to the Security Business Advantage bundle, you are guaranteed priority-based Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to allow our team to focus on and give attention to your most critical issues, first.


Our IT Managed Services Bundles

As your business graduates through the bundles, you’ll receive enhanced priority-based SLAs, increased professional services and quicker access to IT subject matter experts.

Option 1: Security Basics

NTS Security Basic Infrastructure Management and Support

This bundle offers baseline cyber security protections and IT environment management.  As a basics bundle for security, this package provides the bare minimum required for security measures when it comes to protecting your IT environment. With this, you’ll have 24x7x365 access to our local IT subject matter experts as well as access to our professional services to keep your infrastructure supported.

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Option 3: Security Business Advantage

NTS Secure Business Advantage Infrastructure Management and Maintenance

For the enterprise looking for absolute proactive cyber security, this bundle is for you. Along with the protections and services offered by the two previous bundles, this one provides top-tier security measures, data backup and recovery along with more direct access to our IT subject matter experts. With this bundle, you will have access to the most amount of professional services including comprehensive security management and virtual CISO.

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Option 2: Security Essentials

NTS Security Essentials Infrastructure Management and Support

Along with everything included in the previous bundle, this plan includes improved security measures, an improved SLA and better data backup support. This plan is designed to offer the best cyber security for the average commercial IT environment. With this bundle, you’ll have access to more advanced professional services including access to virtual CIO.

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Steve Buffenstein

  • RBHA
  • Richmond, VA

Their staff is always friendly, professional and extremely skilled in their respective areas of expertise. I am still trying to find a need that they can’t fulfill!

Let Us Worry About IT

Every business and company can benefit from a dedicated managed IT service, but not every business has the means to do so. Let NTS’s domestic team of technology and security experts relieve your hardware and software woes.

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