IT Desk Services Based in Richmond, VA

IT Desk Services Based in Richmond, VA

24×7 Help Desk Services

Technology is an integral part of every business. From your computers, card readers, phone lines and, even more, you use tech every day to keep your business up and running.

Yet, all technology is prone to problems and it can be time-consuming trying to pinpoint the cause of the issue. Time spent Google searching and reading manuals is time you could’ve put towards finishing a project or securing a client.

Your hardware and software can go wrong at any time. You need an immediate fix from a reliable expert, not placed in a queue and forgotten about.

NTS offers expert IT Help Desk services for small to medium-sized businesses looking for quick and reliable fixes on all your technology needs.

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IT Help Desk Wherever You Are

Everyone understands their technology in their own way, meaning everyone has their own way of explaining their tech issues. That’s why you can reach NTS’s service desk team in a variety of ways that makes finding solutions that much easier.

Our IT help desk will be there whenever you need them, however you need them.

Immediate, Domestic IT Service Desk

Every business has its own unique challenges. Extra minds can offer immediate solutions for start-ups that can’t afford to waste time or for companies with an overworked internal IT staff.

When you work with NTS’s IT service desk, you’re speaking with a domestic subject matter expert with current certifications in a variety of tech fields. Junior engineers are available at your fingertips to solve any tech problems you have, offering years of knowledge and resources to your business.

When you’re working at the office, remoting in from home, or meeting with potential clients, NTS’s service desk will have 24×7 solutions for your technology problems.

Detailed Service Desk Reports

We know that you need to measure your IT department’s performance with metrics, charts and graphs to reward stakeholders and take action when necessary. Our visual tools allow you to analyze data and proactively highlight trends and patterns early on.

When working with stakeholders and company leaders, it’s important to have IT data and metrics readily available. While NTS’s help desk handles your IT troubleshooting, you’ll have access to visual tools that allow you to analyze data and proactively highlight trends and patterns early on.

These include:

  • Export reports to Adobe PDF (with color output) and CSV files
  • Live statistic dashboards
  • Schedule reports for automatic delivery
  • Customer satisfaction reports upon request
  • Open tickets report
  • Closed ticket report
  • Service level agreement (SLA)

Solving Your Specific Needs

Contact NTS’s Management Services branch to schedule a consultation. Our team will work with you to understand your business’s specific needs, discussing your company and technology environment.

Find out if 24×7 IT help desk services are the right fit for you and your business.

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