Reliable Network-As-A-Service (NaaS) Based in Richmond, VA

Reliable Network-As-A-Service (NaaS) Based in Richmond, VA

Running a business has become more difficult in the digital age.

While you have more opportunities than ever, maintaining technology costs and network services can eat into your yearly budget. Along with purchasing the latest hardware and software, you also need an IT staff that can maintain and monitor these essential network functions.

These costs can add up fast.

If your network is outdated or you don’t have the resources to support your network infrastructure, your business can fall behind. An unmanaged network means less efficiency, which means less work, which means less revenue.

Don’t get caught in this vicious cycle.

Partner with NTS as your Network As A Service provider to receive on-demand solutions for your business. From network hardware, monitoring, cloud services and regular upgrades, our NaaS model allows you to focus on reaping the benefits.

Experienced Legacy Network Providers At-Your-Service

Installing and maintaining an internal private network is hard work, not to mention expensive. You’ll need the latest hardware and software, along with a skilled team to manage your IT environment and secure it from external digital threats.

While your IT staff is troubleshooting your internal network, they’re taking focus away from important internal projects.

Whatever your IT environment network needs, NTS can provide them. With decades of experience and a wide host of network certifications, you’ll work with IT subject matter experts dedicated to your network architecture and management.

As-A-Service: Reducing Costs, Increasing Efficiency

As-A-Service provides necessary network operations on-demand. Through a monthly partnership, you’ll have 24×7×365 access to reliable and fast network management. From our Richmond, VA office, we handle the daily monitoring and network security maintenance required to maintain your connectivity and productivity. 

You’ll receive the necessary hardware, a secure network, and maintenance of its operations. We’ll even take care of replacements and upgrades. All you need to do is focus on keeping your company going strong.

Essential Network IT Services On-Demand

Network As-A-Service is only as good as the people providing the service. That’s why you’ll work with IT subject matter experts certified and experienced in a wide variety of network operations essential to modern business.

Your network service will be catered to your specific needs. Whether you’re running a single office operation, or need to support a multi-building enterprise, we can support your IT network.

NaaS features include:

  • All of the installation and maintenance for your infrastructure hardware. Certified staff will work to handle your switches, cores, UPS’s, Video systems and environmental monitoring. 
  • 24×7×365 environmental monitoring to catch network issues such as a firewall breach or public cloud issue. Our full-time capabilities are not outsourced, instead our Richmond office maintains a rotation of staff throughout each day, even on holidays. 
  • Real-time locating systems with compatible and capable deployment, and asset management. 
  • Experienced IT professionals to handle your network management and relieve your internal IT teams of the hassle. 
  • Network security designed to keep your company’s important systems and data safe. NTS specializes in cyber security services for businesses ranging from small to enterprise. 
  • Hardware and software upgrades to help configure the most modern and effective network architecture for your business. This Naas solution can include a scheduled 5-year hardware refresh in your service level agreement(SLA). 

Our goal is to take care of the network heavy-lifting. We maintain your internal network, while you reap the benefits of an efficient workforce and reliable network.


IT Subject Matter Experts Available 24x7x365

NTS strives to be your premier network service. That’s why our solution is unique in the way it anticipates the user transactions or the processes on the network. By proactively verifying the health of the network, we’ll receive advanced warnings even before the user or processes are impacted.

Your staff and clients won’t be impacted by potential network issues or external security breaches.

Your business can greatly benefit from our NaaS offerings with:

When you come to us looking for a networking solution, our certified IT staff will create a personalized process for your IT environment. Through our As-A-Service protocols, you can rest assured your network will be healthy, secure and maintained.

Your National NaaS Vendor Based in Richmond, VA

Networking Technologies + Support (NTS) is offering a comprehensive Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) that focuses on today’s business industry needs. This all-inclusive Managed Services offering is focused on small, medium, and enterprise business process needs.

The NTS team is based in the Richmond, Virginia region off of Justice Road. Our IT experts also work remotely, in satellite offices in Colonial Heights and Virginia Beach, and on project-based teams for large organizations such as hospital systems.

NaaS services can benefit your network resources as a remote service, in-person or hybrid. NTS is a coast-to-coast IT services team that can offer network monitoring, management, security and other services in Virginia and all 50 states.

NaaS Frequently Asked Questions

What is Network As-A-Service (NaaS)?

Network As-A-Service (NaaS) is a service model that allows businesses to rent networking services from experienced and professional providers rather than managing their network infrastructure in-house.

How can NaaS be used?

NaaS can be used to virtualize network components, monitor network traffic, manage network and network security, and provide secure access to the network.

What are the benefits of using NaaS?

Using NaaS can provide businesses with the flexibility to scale their network resources based on demand, simplify network management, and reduce the need for extensive network equipment.

How does NaaS differ from traditional network access?

NaaS differs from traditional network access by allowing businesses to access virtual networks and networking functions in the cloud rather than relying solely on physical network infrastructure.

Keep Your Network Flowing

Your business needs a reliable and secure network. NTS can provide Network As-A-Service at a low cost to you. We install, manage and monitor your network so you don’t have to deal with the headaches.

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