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07 Aug 2017

6 Apps to Help You Work Smarter

6 Apps to Help You Work Smarter

We believe in working smarter, not harder. We’re all about maximizing our time and being as efficient as possible, which is why we’re fans of these apps that save time, offer valuable insight and generally make our lives that much easier.


For when nobody can agree on the offsite
Ever feel like it’s a ping-pong match trying to pick a time for a work event? All that back-and-forth gets exhausting and it could feel like an eternity until you all finally land somewhere. Doodle allows you to choose a select number of times for participants to vote on, making it impossible for that one co-worker to bring up a conflicting appointment at the last-minute.



For when you keep forgetting to file expenses (or pick up groceries!)
Take care of all your priorities thanks to this 5-star rated to-do list app on iTunes. Not convinced? We swear by the calendar view that keeps track of tasks from every category in one place. It also sends timed reminders to ensure you don’t miss a beat. As Benjamin Franklin says, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”



For when you’re considering switching careers or want to identify your strengths at your current job
We all work better when we know what we’re good at. Good&Co asks the questions and uses a psychometric algorithm that allows you to discover your strengths. It identifies your working style, shows your compatibility with coworkers or friends and even helps you find suitable career options or companies, ensuring you’ll only do what you love. (P.S. Our assistant editor is part-inventor, part-strategist and part-technician—makes sense for someone who spends her days concepting, writing
and editing!)



For when your morning news update gets interrupted by a WiFi-less train
Sometimes you come across an article you want to read and you don’t have time—or an Internet connection. Save it for later with Instapaper, an award-winning app that stores content in a mobile-optimized format. You’ll always be informed on industry content or current events whether on your commute, couch or otherwise.



For when you need to get your name out there
Shapr is the dating app of the business world. Network with likeminded people in the same industry, location and experience level as you. The app’s premise is simple: you receive 10 to 15 profiles a day that you can choose to swipe “pass” or “meet.”


Focus Keeper

For when you hit that 4pm slump and start scrolling mindlessly through Facebook
Avoid the burnout with Focus Keeper, which helps you concentrate on your work in 25-minute increments, with a 5-minute break in between. Great for those who have trouble keeping their attention on one assignment, track your productivity throughout the week with helpful charts that make sure you get down to business.

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