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05 Mar 2015

Think Your Business is Too Small to Hack? Think Again.


Hackers are targeting the big boys (Target, Sony, Anthem), but small business owners should be cautious, too. You’re not too small to be hacked. When it comes to Internet security, customers expect the same protections from you that they expect from the giants. If you have a website, send email to your clients or store customer information online (and you’re lax in your security practices), you could be exposing your customers to threats.

What to do? Put a privacy policy in place, so customers know what information you collect and how you use it. Then follow the policy. Know what information you have about your customers and delete what you don’t need. And follow these best practices, from

  • Fully protect your own computer systems and keep software, browsers and operating systems current.
  • Scan everything you attach to the network.
  • Keep hackers out with a good firewall.
  • Filter for spam.
  • Train employees to be vigilant.

Invest in and practice strong security measures now, so you don’t have to do it after a breach.

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