IT Procurement Services For Hardware & Software in Richmond, VA

IT Procurement Services For Hardware & Software in Richmond, VA

Technology is what keeps your business running.

Figuring out the best hardware, software, licenses and other equipment that are best suited for your business needs is of the utmost importance.

Perhaps one of the most stressful parts of procuring equipment for your workplace is figuring out exactly the type of technology you will need. For most businesses, the operations are entirely dependent on the technological equipment on hand.

With over 25 years of experience, NTS is readily available to help your business, company, or organization find the hardware, software and licensing that best suits your performance needs and workplace demands. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, we can meet your procurement needs across the United States.

You need the right technology for your business and our subject matter experts are available to ensure you make the most informed decision. We have the expertise to procure technology for large-scale projects, small business technology upgrades and everything in between.

Optimizing Workflow & Reducing Technology Costs

Frustrations can arise when uninformed purchases lead to poor workplace technology; especially when those purchases are intended to make business operations run more smoothly.

When you get the wrong product for your work environment, you risk slowed productivity lines, increased overhead costs, wasted employee time, client dissatisfaction and more.

With NTS’s procurement services, you can guarantee your business goals will be the number one priority when we search for your next technologies.

From equipment purchase suggestions to implementation of new technology standards, we offer our clients complete solutions.

Our services simplify your technology experience, equip your workplace with the best equipment, and increase business productivity.

Think of procurement services as your behind-the-scenes resource for business success.

Procuring The Right IT Services for Your Business

Finding the best technology for your business isn’t as simple as visiting your local tech store, purchasing the best-priced computer and taking it home on the same day.

Your IT equipment is an investment in your business. How well it fits your current and future needs plays a huge role in whether that investment pays off.

From Purchase to Installation, We Got You

Our procurement specialists look deeply at what your business is trying to accomplish and finds the IT equipment that is the best fit.

We offer our public sector clients complete solutions. From equipment suggestions to implementation, NTS utilizes state, local and federal technology procurement programs such as e-rate, GSA, and cooperative contract vehicles as well as grants, to provide you with cost-efficient solutions.

At NTS, our personalized procurement services include:

  • Same-day shipping in most cases
  • Free shipping on qualifying orders
  • FOB destination
  • Daily order tracking
  • Order acknowledgments
  • Detailed invoicing
  • Demo units
  • Warranty registration, tracking and renewal services

Customized Plans for Your IT Procurement Services

Assisting with security and risk assessment, including vulnerability evaluation and disaster recovery planning, we can assist you, regardless of your procurement needs.

NTS’s subject matter experts are dedicated to listening and understanding your company’s business goals and challenges. Our team of certified technicians and information technology professionals are ready, willing and, most importantly, able to assist in the business development of your company.

And this is how:

With every client we serve, we first assess their business needs. We take the time to get to know and really understand your business.

Once we do that, we get to work procuring the equipment you need.

The equipment needed for your business can vary depending on your type of business operations.

We also offer more specific procurement services like:

These can be utilized individually or NTS can provide Hardware-as-a-Service that bundles five years of hardware, software, licenses, extended warranty, ongoing support, monitoring and remediation.

Procurement Services for Leasing IT Equipment

NTS is happy to offer clients a wide variety of leasing options. As an acquisition alternative, IT equipment leasing allows customers to fully utilize operational budgets, conserve working capital and overcome budget limitations. Our leasing services can help minimize the risk of equipment obsolescence.

Leasing is also a cost-effective and process-oriented business solution that delivers compliance control and maximum savings at each stage in the product life cycle.

And at the end of the lease period, possibilities can include:

  • A fair market value purchase option
  • A fixed price
  • A $1 buyout

To learn more, please give us a call.

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IT Services That Link It All For You

At NTS, our procurement services rely on our ability to handle your network integration. IT’s a core component of our arsenal of IT services.

After the sale, we provide ongoing support.

Our Process

Every business is unique. This means every business goal is also unique. So are their needs and demands. We understand that. To accommodate our clientele, we offer customized IT service plans that follow a simple 6-step process.

Providing a wide variety of networking solutions, our subject-matter help keep your business running. Through coordinated use of hardware, software and emerging technologies, NTS can suggest and supply the right configuration to serve your IT service needs.

Our team is ready and available to handle the installations, upgrades, cloud services, security, storage and VPN solutions for your company, today.

Get in touch now to start your IT services for life.

Procuring IT Hardware & Software To Improve Your Performance Needs

Your business has needs and we’re here to meet them. Our team of qualified hardware engineers are available to provide your environment from necessary technology, implementation and installation to ongoing support, monitoring and remediation.

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