Personalized IT Professional Services in Richmond, VA

Personalized IT Professional Services in Richmond, VA

As your business scales, you’re bound to run into various growing pains. Whether you have a dedicated IT staff or one tech person, it’s easy for roadblocks to pop up and slow your progress.

These paused projects can lead to increased risks for your company, such as:

  • Critical security breaches
  • Running out of storage space for your company files and emails
  • Exhausting vital network resources

When you need some extra minds on deck to get your IT project in motion, call on NTS’s professional services team.

You’ll partner with a team of domestic certified IT subject matter experts who can assist your current staff, taking care of your projects with efficiency and skill. They will work with what you have or find a way to make it happen.

Professional Services For Any Project

Your IT projects can always use additional experts on hand. From a small business creating IT infrastructure to a multi-building enterprise looking to transition into cloud services.

By partnering with NTS’s team, you’ll receive personalized support services to meet your specific IT needs.

Your company will have access to a team of certified IT experts that will offer varying levels of assistance to reach your technology goals.

Whether you need to upgrade your network, reduce your hardware on-site, or migrate to the cloud, you’ll have the right team for the job.

Because we understand that every company is unique, your contract with our team will be designed to meet your company’s specific needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

An essential part of our process is identifying your needs and providing you with the right team of experts. We also offer talent acquisition services, so if we don’t have the right person available, we’ll find them for you.

Most importantly, we’ll find someone who fits your specific infrastructure and company culture needs, ensuring they’ll fit within your current team culture.

Long Term Solutions From Short Term IT Projects

Just as there are thousands of IT solutions, there are thousands of ways to improve your IT infrastructure. While you may not currently have the resources to accomplish these technology goals, you can always rely on IT subject matter experts at NTS to help with your most pressing projects.

We specialize in a variety of IT services based in Richmond that include:


If you’re looking to reduce your operational costs or need access to multiple OS’s on one machine, virtualization can help make your business more efficient.

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Technical Service

When your team runs into IT issues that a help desk can’t solve, you’ll need our experienced technical support. This is perfect for solving one-time issues or mitigating ongoing problems.

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Help your company roll out an IT service delivery system for your employees using NTS’s certified experts. This process is designed to follow the terms laid out in your company’s Service-Level-Agreement (SLA).

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Your company’s network is the lifeblood of your business. When it’s time to set up, improve, or manage your company’s network operations, NTS can offer a helping hand. Your knowledgeable IT experts will optimize the network and ensure your team is equally informed before the job is done.

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Talent Acquisition

When you temporarily need an extra set of hands or can’t find the time to start the hiring process, NTS can find the necessary skilled workers for you. Our experienced team of talent scouts finds partners that best fit the job and company culture.

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Working With Your Company’s Process

One size does not fit all when it comes to IT solutions. Your company has put a lot of time and effort into creating a specific IT environment and system that works for your team. That’s why our goal is not to change your process, but to understand how we can best work to improve it. Working together, we’ll strive to provide a proactive IT environment.

While executing your professional service contract, you’ll be an important part of the process. We’ll work together every step of the way to create the most effective and efficient solution to accomplish your specific goals. Our processes include:

  1. Meeting to discuss your individual goals and needs
  2. Initiating an audit of your environment to understand the scale better
  3. Working together to create a clear and fair contract
  4. Working closely with you to complete the project efficiently
  5. Once completed, keeping the partnership alive with regular check-ins and status reports

Just as every company is different, so is every project. Each process will look different, but one thing we can guarantee is transparency. You will know exactly what’s going on with your systems and receive regular progress updates. Our job isn’t finished until it meets your expectations.

Carrying the Extra Workload to Promote Productivity

With NTS’s team, you receive the expert help you need to create a solid foundation for your IT infrastructure. With access to flexible, personalized contracts, IT subject matter experts, and the ability to hire new staff perfect for the task at hand, you’ll see why our hands-on approach makes a difference.

When you’re ready to take the next leap forward with your IT infrastructure, give us a call. Schedule a meeting today to discuss your company’s next IT solution and how we can fit into IT.


Maintain, Monitor and Manage IT Projects with NTS by Your Side

Once your project is complete, you might need some help managing your new technology and systems.


Why not bring the band back together with NTS’s managed IT services?

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