Complex tech projects? No problem.

NTS has a deep pool of engineers and subject matter experts who are certified in a wide-range of advanced systems and technologies, and who are available to assist with any special projects. Let NTS provide professional expertise and assistance so you can focus on managing your business and win with IT.

Efficient. Secure. Agile.

Effortless storage that just works
Pure Storage solutions are always-on, and always fast. They’re self-managing, and plug-n-play simple. They’re also cloud-connected, giving you the agility of cloud-based management, predictive analytics, and unrivalled support and protection.

Efficient storage that does more
Our software-defined storage is always efficient. We save you 10x on space and 10x on flash while consolidating all your workloads. And we deliver that efficiency via fully-automatable, zero compromise data services and future-proof, high-performance NVMe-ready hardware.

Evergreen storage that gets better with age
Smart Storage delivers increasing performance and savings every year, at no extra charge. Your SaaS-like subscription to innovation means you receive next-generation storage breakthroughs, like NVMe, automatically.