Put your technology in our hands

Let your staff focus on your business while we focus on your technology. NTS' Managed Services program provides you with confidence by partnering with our experience, knowledge and expertise. We offer flexible selective and comprehensive programs that monitor, alert and notify you about the health and performance of your IT assets. And we can help you get the most out of your technology infrastructure, whether it’s remote or on site. The best part? NTS can partner with your current IT staff or we can be your entire dependable IT department.

Logistics as a Service (LaaS)

The NTS LaaS offering provides a secure way to deal with surplus hardware in your company through a custody-controlled, responsible and accountable service. What makes our service different is the fact that we know that the sunk cost your company has invested in hardware in the past actually has a residual value, and should be returned back to you once final processing is completed. This residual value can be applied to the invoice from NTS LaaS, or returned back to you in the form of a direct check. It can also be applied as a credit to other services from NTS.

NTS LaaS includes:

  • A turnkey solution for clients
  • Removal of all logical data under strict controls and regulatory industry standards
  • DOD wipe processing of data with validation
  • Physical removal and verification of all exterior asset tags identifying your company
  • An indemnification document, releasing all liability to the physical hardware
  • Validation that all data repository capable hardware is cleansed and verified