Should MSP’s Bundle Managed Services?

Businesses around the world rely on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to manage and protect their IT environments. From regular maintenance and technology procurement to active cyber security and IT troubleshooting, MSPs work hard to keep businesses running smoothly.

As an industry, IT services has always had the problem of offering a service that may be too complex for the average person.

This initial hurdle has made it difficult to find the right clients and keep current client expectations in check. MSPs are always on the hunt for newer and better ways to serve their clients, and some have found that bundling their products has solved many of these issues.

Whether you know all about how to bundle services or you’re just starting the research process, it’s important to understand how managed service bundling works. Every MSP offers a unique set of services and caters to different markets, so you should understand how bundling services can benefit you before deciding to switch to this service model.

What Are Managed Service Bundles?

Many MSPs offer their managed IT services “a la carte”, or let clients pick and choose which services they need. While this model does provide the client with plenty of choices, this isn’t always a good thing for the client or provider.

With so many options, potential clients can be overwhelmed and potentially not select every service they could benefit from. For the MSP, a la carte models create complicated client profiles, making it more difficult to provide efficient solutions for their IT concerns.

A managed service bundle combines an MSP’s offerings into several compact options, giving clients multiple IT solutions for one price. These bundles can be adjusted to appeal to specific clients and business sizes where you can create tiers that increase in capabilities.

By considering how your existing clients use your IT services and how your company could streamline your services, bundles could be the right choice for you.

Creating Better IT Services for Your Clients

Before moving forward with IT managed service bundles, it’s important to understand the specific benefits you and your clients can experience from this shift in business models.

Simplified Options: Many potential clients can be intimidated by the wide array of choices they have when it comes to IT managed services. From cyber security, data backup and recovery, network management and so much more, it’s easy to get lost when doing your research. By creating bundles for your services, you can provide fewer choices that offer more features. You can also give each bundle a name or description that further simplifies the decision process for your clients.

Consumer Friendly: Clients want to be taken care of and bundling your IT services helps to create that feeling. Not only are you offering them excellent IT services, but you’re also saving them money and billing headaches. Plus, you can easily update your offerings to meet your clients’ changing needs.

Scalability: Continuing a strong relationship with your clients is key to being a successful MSP. That includes having the ability to scale your services with clients who are growing. Through managed service bundles, you can have plans in place that naturally scale with company growth. Plus, as you gain the capacity to take on more work and offer more services, you can include those in your existing bundles or create new ones for different demographics.

Streamlined Services: Bundles make it easier not only for clients to receive IT managed services, but also easier for IT professionals to deliver solutions. Bundles create standardization, which makes your services more secure and reliable. Plus, with a limited number of bundles, IT help desk specialists can know in an instant what services they can provide to a client.

Cost Savings: Thanks to the benefits listed above, both you and your clients will be saving money in the long run. With a streamlined, standardized managed service offering, which gives your clients the IT services they need with fewer headaches, you can both save money.

Improve Your IT Managed Services

Managed Service Providers are always trying to find the best ways to safeguard their clients. By bundling your IT managed services, you can provide more reliable services while keeping your clients satisfied for the long term.

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