Surplus IT Asset Disposal Services Based in Richmond, VA

Surplus IT Asset Disposal Services Based in Richmond, VA

As you find success and build your business, you’ll acquire a long line of technology and equipment. Computers, monitors, hard drives and many more will be replaced. Older equipment will be placed in storage rooms, gathering dust as a monument to your continued success.

It’s easy to forget about your old technology. Out of sight, out of mind. Rather than taking up space, you could reap the many benefits of removing your surplus equipment.  

  • You could use that space your ancient computers are taking up for your new machines. 
  • You can get extra funds from selling your PCs. 
  • You can use those funds to reinvest into your business or buy new technology.

Even if you just want to get rid of your junk, you need to ensure that any data stored on these machines is securely destroyed and inaccessible.

Don’t waste hours researching how to properly dispose of your technology. Save yourself the trouble by calling on NTS’s IT surplus services. 

You’ll work with a team of IT asset disposal experts who can securely destroy your old equipment. We also specialize in donating reusable technology, returning those assets to the community and giving the residual value back to you.

Reuse, Recycle, and Securely Dispose of IT Equipment

IT asset disposal through NTS gets rid of your surplus technology. It’s important to keep up with advancements in IT, meaning you’ll gather a collection of older equipment throughout the years. Rather than having them decay in a storage space, you could recycle them for the greater good.

Our surplus services assist in efficiently removing unused technology from your building. There are many ways to skin a computer:

  • Donate refurbished equipment to non-profit organizations, giving you a sizable portion of the residual value.
  • Dispose of older technology in environmentally friendly ways, promoting greener procedures.
  • Destroy computers and hard drives with vital data on them, protecting your secure company information.

We can even manage your leased equipment, returning your hardware on your behalf. This ensures your leased technology is returned on-time and in good condition, reducing your overall potential costs.

Our top priorities are to your security and our greater community. That’s why our surplus services are designed to benefit your ongoing safety, community outreach programs, and protecting the environment.


Personalized IT Surplus Services Accommodating You

No two businesses are alike. That’s why we don’t offer the same service for every company.

Our extensive surplus service process ensures that removal and disposal of your equipment is specific to your needs. Our process includes:

  1. Meeting with you to discuss your IT asset situation
  2. Initiating an audit of your IT environment, inspecting your unused equipment and determining their condition
  3. Creating a contract, detailing exactly how your equipment will be disposed and reused, along with how you’ll receive your residual value.
  4. Maintaining transparency throughout the recycling process, even providing a certificate of destruction for your destroyed equipment.
  5. Continuing conversations for when you’re in need of our IT asset disposal services.

By making this process personalized to your needs, you can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of. 

IT Professionals Keeping Your Company Safe 

NTS’s Professional Services team are IT experts in a variety of fields. We understand the best ways to properly dispose of your equipment.

When it comes to destroying hardware to protect data, we follow the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) standards. This ensures that any data on old computers or hard drives will be inaccessible. We also guarantee you’ll receive an official certificate of destruction.

If your equipment can be reused, we’ll securely delete the data and recycle it for later use. Any residual value will be given back to you, while 3% will go towards local non-profit organizations. If it can’t, we will properly dispose of your hardware in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. 

Along with managing your leased equipment, NTS is dedicated to your long term success. Our surplus services ensure that you can continue to grow and expand in a manageable fashion. While you focus on keeping your business successful, NTS makes sure your old machines are secure and going to people who need it most.


IT Surplus Services Available When You Need It

Let NTS help with your IT asset disposal operation. Our flexible services, security focused process, and community outreach programs make this an asset to your company.

While you maintain your business and upgrade your equipment, our team of experts bring additional revenue to your company without harming the environment.

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