Top Reasons You Should Scan the Dark Web to Protect Your Company

Is Your Information Being Sold on the Dark Web?

The dark web is a scary place to be. But what is truly terrifying, is the potential that your employee or company credentials could be out there somewhere.

Thankfully, there are ways to identify compromised credentials. Dark web security scanning can help locate any employee or company credentials that have been compromised and are being sold on the dark web.

This can help companies take corrective action, such as resetting passwords or implementing two-factor authentication.

Top Benefits of Dark Web Scanning

Prevent data breaches:

Dark web security scanning can help identify if any sensitive company data is being sold on the dark web. This can help companies take preventive action, such as patching vulnerabilities or implementing stronger security controls.

Protect brand reputation:

A data breach can seriously damage a company’s reputation. Regular dark web security scanning can help companies detect and mitigate any potential threats before they turn into major breaches.

Compliance requirements:

Some industries have specific regulatory requirements for dark web security scanning, such as the healthcare and financial sectors.

Early warning system:

Dark web security scanning can serve as an early warning system, allowing companies to detect and respond to any potential threats proactively.

Creating a Comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy

Overall, regular dark web security scanning is an important addition to your cyber protections.

By identifying potential threats and taking proactive measures to prevent data breaches, companies can protect their sensitive information, safeguard their brand reputation, and comply with regulatory requirements.

NTS has a team of experienced and dedicated cyber security professionals with experience scanning the dark web for security breaches. While your IT team focuses on the day-to-day or the rest of your staff focuses on productivity – NTS handles the deep dives in cyber security.

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