Cyber Security

What is penetration testing?

Penetration Testing is a cyber security method in which ethical hackers identify, test and highlight vulnerabilities in an organization’s security.

Why Do You  Need Penetration Testing?

Consistent and reliable pen-testing keeps you and your livelihood safe. For businesses with an internal network or user data hosting, it’s vital to have security systems and response protocols in place.

The Consequences of a cyber attack are severe and can include: • Stolen personal data • Lawsuits + bankruptcy • Failed protocol fines

Common Focus Areas for Penetration Testing Include:

1. Web Applications 2. Network + Systems     Security 3. Cloud Security 4. IoT Security

The Process for Penetration Testing Includes:

1. Information Gathering 2. Threat Modeling 3. Vulnerability Analysis 4. Exploitation 5. Post Exploitation 6. Reporting

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