Website Security Experts based in Richmond, VA 

Website Security Experts based in Richmond, VA 

Keep Your Website Secure and Your Business Open

The security of the information stored in your website can make or break your business. Every day, criminals are looking to profit off of stealing your data or domain. 

If your website experiences an attack, it could cost you time and money. A compromised site is an unprofitable one, customers will seek services elsewhere if your business isn’t accessible. A cyber attack that leads to the theft of customer or employee data could be one that causes irreparable damage to your company’s reputation. 

Key Web Concepts, a division of NTS, can ensure that your website security efforts are regularly managed and updated. We can make sure your website goes beyond the minimum requirements for security and there’s no chance of someone easily entering your website. 

With a secure website, your business will stay open and appealing to customers. As a small business, we get just how high the stakes are. We will protect your site with the same strategies used to keep Key Web, Emerge and NTS safe and functional. 

We Know Websites and Security

Key Web Concepts is perfectly poised to offer technology security services. Our team works to host, develop and design websites from the ground up. Backed by NTS, which specializes in IT services including cyber security and managed IT services, we are constantly aware of digital dangers.

We have an unmatched understanding of how your website works and what the value of keeping your data secure is. Poorly implemented security efforts can actually hurt your site and make it inaccessible.

As a website design and development company, Key Web Concepts knows how much work and time you put into making things perfect. Let’s make sure it stays that way. Your website ensures your livelihood.

Whether you’re protecting a large enterprise or securing a small business, you can get the best website security services. From one page sites to 100 page sites, everyone needs protection from hackers.

Key Web takes pride in our knowledge of search engine optimization. Having a secure website is another step towards getting on the first page of someone’s Google search. If your cybersecurity is lacking, Google will assign you a worse ranking.

Key Web can help anyone with a WordPress website. If you don’t have a WordPress site but are interested in one, we can work with you on that too. 


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Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Don’t be fooled by companies offering quick one-time website security guarantees. Getting your SSL certificate is just the beginning of keeping your data safe. 

The SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, works with almost all browsers and is what provides websites with an https domain and the small padlock symbol in their search bar. This keeps you compliant, but we want to make sure you’re continuously secure. 

An essential key to a secure website is regular changes and updates. The longer you go without updating, the more time hackers have to examine your weak points and attempt a break-in. 

For instance, if a hacker needs to figure out a four-number PIN, they will eventually be able to solve it through trial and error. But, if you’re regularly changing that information it will make it much more difficult to guess.


A Club You Don’t Want to be a Part of

Internet crimes have become so common that the FBI had to open an entire center dedicated to tracking and stopping them. Each year, they receive around 440,000 complaints. In 2020 alone, internet crimes resulted in $4.2 billion in losses.

The frequency of these crimes doesn’t make them inevitable. Committing to keeping your website secure and bringing in experts like Key Web is the best thing you can do.

Here are some of the security threats to be aware of:

Key Web and NTS are acutely aware of these threats and prepared to stop help you prevent them. Our team can help protect your website from attackers and prepare your team to stand up to social engineering. Don’t lose your data due to poor passwords, unsafe websites or untrained employees.

Our team implements security measures to help you monitor for threats, keep your site up to date and ensure you are not getting flagged by Google for security issues.

Website Security Providers to Safeguard Your Business Today

There’s never a bad time to invest in website security – instead think of it as good, better and best:

Good: We hope your website is never the victim of a cyber attack but if it is, we are here to help and get your security back to where it needs to be.


Better: If you have had your website for a while and haven’t made very many updates, we can help make sure all of your security measures are as strong as possible. 


Best: The best thing you can do is focus on security from the very beginning. As your website launches we can help make sure it’s protected and its defenses are up to date. 

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