What is IT Staff Augmentation?

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How IT Staffing Services Can Help Your Struggling Department

Your IT department is swamped. As your company grows, so does its technological equipment. Now, your one technician has to do the work of five trying to solve help desk tickets.

The obvious solution is to hire more people, but what if you don’t have the budget for that?

Hiring full-time employees, in general, is a huge expense. There’s the salary, benefits, onboarding, vacation days and so much more. Plus, it will cost even more to hire a high-level IT specialist to handle the work you need to be done.

The numbers show that an entry-level IT support job in Virginia can cost anywhere from $40,280 to $69,550 a year. A senior-level specialist can cost upwards of $110,500 – that’s simply too much for a small to medium-sized business.

So, how can you help your IT department before things start to slip through the cracks?

IT Staff Augmentation: A Cost-Effective Solution

IT staff augmentation – or IT staffing services – is when you partner with a recruitment agency to hire employees as-a-service.

These IT recruitment agencies will find qualified professionals based on your requirements, taking care of the hiring process for you. Your company can then hire the technician they found as an expense to work part-time on-site as a regularly scheduled resource.

You’ll only be paying for what you need.

This way, you can add more staff to your IT department without blowing the bank or wasting time, research and resources.

Benefits of IT Staffing Services

The hiring process can be overwhelming. For employers and department heads, it takes time out of your day to research and vet candidates. If your IT department is already overworked, interviews will just take more time away from completing tasks.

Professional IT staffing services will do all the heavy lifting when you work with recruiters. Partnering with an agency has many benefits:

  • Taking financial responsibility off your company – it falls on the agency to hire and pay the IT specialists full-time.
  • Matching qualified IT professionals with jobs that require their capabilities.
  • Finding contractors available to work on-site for the specific hours you need.
  • Doing the background work to make sure potential hires are reliable and qualified.
  • Finding the right fit for your company culture.
  • Giving you flexibility to extend contracts or hire full-time afterward.
  • Acting as an IT temp agency by giving you the opportunity to “try workers out” before deciding to hire them for an extended period of time.
  • Giving your time back.

How Does IT Staffing Work?

When you partner with a recruitment agency for their IT talent acquisition they will take care of your hiring process. Once you give them details of the job, they will search for candidates that have the capabilities to meet your department’s current and future needs.

You can field for any job in IT, from help desk support to PC technician, system administrator and more.

After interviewing and narrowing down your options, the agency will then give you their list of good hires. You are the one who makes the decision on whether you want to hire the professional they found.

You will set the terms on how long the contract will last and what the specialist will be doing.

If you like the person you are working with, most staffing agencies will give you the option to extend your contract to last for years or even hire them full-time as an employee for the company. Are they not the right fit? Contact the agency and get another IT specialist to replace them at the end of the contract.

Many large companies who are constantly hiring IT specialists for their operations can use resource staffing to provide ongoing support.

National IT Recruitment Services

When your company needs more IT specialists to keep up with business operations, NTS can find IT staffing solutions for your company.

As a trusted and certified managed services provider headquartered in Richmond, VA, NTS has the experience and industry expertise needed to field proper candidates and find professionals who can benefit your business.

We’ll make the hiring process simple and easy for your IT department so they can get the help they need to succeed.

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