What’s the Difference Between Structured and Data Cabling?

Knowing the Difference

Your company’s workspace should be a reflection of the atmosphere you want to create for your employees. Spacious desk areas, renovated conference rooms and upgraded communication equipment will all inspire productivity. One thing you might not realize is that there’s more to setting up this layout than you think.

Cabling is essential when architecting your building’s layout. An open floor plan sounds great, but how will you connect the computer and phone systems without wall outlets or data lines?

Before jumping into your floor plan, make sure to have an understanding of your business’s cabling needs.

There are many different types of cabling services. The most important ones to understand for your commercial business are structured and data cabling.

What is Structured Cabling?

Large projects call for comprehensive solutions. When you need to install an entire network of data lines, an engineered cabling solution is what you need.

Structured cabling designs and builds out your workspace’s entire data infrastructure of optical and fiber cabling, patch panels and more based on your area’s architectural configuration.

If your company is moving into a brand new office space, or you’re completely renovating your current one, structured cabling is a part of the design process. A professional cabling company will assess the building or area’s physical layout and create a customized plan for your ideal workspace arrangement.

When Should You Invest in Structured Cabling?

Rewiring your data cables to run to new places takes a lot of work, which is why structured cabling is typically saved for large construction projects. When you have a large job that requires extensive and complex solutions, structured cabling is the way to go.

Structured cabling services are what you turn to when you have architectural cabling concerns. This includes:

  • New Construction Projects
  • Big Renovations
  • Total System Upgrades

When you need to install an entire infrastructure of cabling for your company, hiring subject matter experts to take care of the engineering is the more cost-saving approach. A low-level or DIY job will need constant repairs and upgrades later on, but a professional installation ensures long-lasting efficiency.

How is Data Cabling Different?

Cabling is not an all-in-one project. Once your main cabling system has been installed, it requires constant upkeep to make sure it’s functioning at optimal performance levels.

Data cabling is an umbrella term for all of the smaller cabling jobs that your company will need to repair any malfunctions, complete minor upgrades and maintain the system over time.

Unlike structured cabling, which is a large installation project, data cabling is more for the day-to-day concerns and connectivity issues that come up. It is the catch-all for technological repairs or upgrades that your cabling may need.

Data Cabling Services

When you need a quick fix for your connectivity issues or simple addition to your communication equipment, data cabling is a simple and affordable solution. Typical data cabling jobs include:

  • Repairing a bad data drop
  • Replacing cables
  • Setting up cables for a small renovation
  • Moving a network drop location
  • Moving a device
  • Adding a device
  • Break fixing
  • Data runs
  • Expanding office workspaces

Residential Data Cabling

While most cabling jobs are for commercial businesses, your home could also need cabling solutions – especially if you work from home. Data lines transmit data from one point to another, which can include your ethernet cable, television cables and the IT infrastructure of your home office.

If your home office is having connection difficulties or you’re thinking of upgrading all of your technology to have a Smart Home, professional data cabling services can install and maintain the products.

Trust Cabling Professionals to Get the Job Done

When your communication equipment and workplace technology need an upgrade, it’s important to get your cabling correct for consistent and reliable productivity.

A poor job can lead to malfunctions and halt your entire process.

NTS is a professional IT support service that specializes in structured and data cabling. No matter how big or small the job, our subject matter experts will assess your current needs and future goals to find the best cabling solution.

See how our cabling services can improve your workplace performance.

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