Secure Wi-Fi As-A-Service (WaaS) Based in Richmond, VA

Secure Wi-Fi As-A-Service (WaaS) Based in Richmond, VA

Wireless services connect our world. At home or in the office, we rely on wireless internet connections for our daily tasks. From communications to file sharing, your employees and clients require a reliable wi-fi connection.

Setting up a stable wi-fi network for your business can be difficult.

You need the capital to invest in a proper IT environment, knowledgeable staff to troubleshoot any issues, and the proven process to keep your connection secure.

If one part of this goes wrong, you could severely damage your company’s productivity and reputation.

Don’t hinder your business’s success. Partner with NTS’s Wireless As-A-Service solution to access reliable, secure and personalized wi-fi services. Work with certified professionals to future-proof your company’s wi-fi network to improve productivity and encourage collaboration.

Do More With Wireless Solutions

As your business expands, you need to support a higher density of complicated digital processes. From larger file downloads, multiple internal networks and supporting mobile devices, your employees rely on strong internet connections wherever they are in the office.

Installing and improving your current wireless network brings a wide host of challenges. Your IT staff has to divert attention from pressing projects to make it happen, that is if they have the skillset to even implement a wi-fi network.

High-speed and secure networks require large initial investments, and even more money spent in the long-term to maintain them.

These costs add up over time, and you don’t have time or money to waste.

Through monthly payments to NTS’s As-A-Service solutions, you can have access to a team of trained IT professionals ready to provide your business with reliable and secure wi-fi services. From hardware installations and upgrades, software implementation, 24×7 monitoring and general troubleshooting, you’ll have a turnkey solution for your vital wireless network.

Let NTS remove your wireless woes so you can get back to doing what you do best: driving your business towards success.

Turnkey Wireless Solutions For Your Business

Wireless As-A-Service from NTS provides a customized turnkey solution for all your company’s wi-fi needs. Our IT subject matter experts offer a variety of professional services, such as:

  • Installing physical hardware, such as access points, controllers, switches, etc.
  • Upgrading hardware and software to optimize your network
  • Repairing and troubleshooting wireless issues
  • Scaling your wireless environment to meet growing or shrinking needs
  • Meeting industry and government standards, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS
  • Securing your wi-fi network to protect your valuable data
  • Monitoring your network 24x7x365

Whatever your company’s wireless needs, we can meet them through personalized service and a wide range of expertise.


Improve Your Process to Help Improve Your Profits

NTS is dedicated to your success. Our wireless services improve your business, helping your employees work efficiently.

Benefits of our Wi-Fi As-A-Service include:

By speeding up your processes and giving your business more opportunities, we hope to scale with you.

Personalized Solutions From IT Experts

From troubleshooting to emergency situations, you’ll have 24×7 access to our dedicated staff responsive professionals on your side.

As a security-first company, you can guarantee your wi-fi network will be secure from internal and external threats. We prioritize security as well as speed, ensuring your office can access everything they need whenever they need it.

Our process is proactive, meaning we actively monitor your network to snuff out problems before they affect your end-users.

We ensure less downtime, leading to better productivity and improved collaboration opportunities.

Through our wide host of wireless services, we can scale with your company’s evolving wireless needs.

You’ll work with a team that understands your specific needs, even as your company expands and moves locations.

Finally, as a monthly service, we can help you cut down on costs. Our As-A-Service offerings turn your capital expenditure into an operational expenditure. In the long run, you can invest that saved money back into your company’s growth.


Connect Your Business

Wireless networks connect us across the office and across the world. It’s time your business got the Wi-Fi it deserves.


NTS’s Wi-Fi As-A-Service provides secure and reliable wireless connections for your staff and your devices. Promote productivity while protecting your internal network.

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